Your desert island luxury?

Time for a game…

On the radio show ‘Desert Island Discs’ they always ask the guest what luxury they want to take to the desert island.

It must NOT be something that can get you rescued… like a boat or a plane or the internet or a mobile phone OR another person!

And for our purposes, it must NOT be anything at all to do with MS… no mobilty aids or cures please!

Reading Poll’s post made me realise that my luxury would be my bed! With loads of clean bedding and a little rainproof hut to keep it dry!

What’s your luxury?

Pat x

The only thing I’d take to a dessert Island at the moment is my hubby but only because I never get time alone with him, been so many countries apart most of the time it’s deffinatley the only thing I’d want :slight_smile: Sue x

My guitar…but would need electricity as well so might have to have a re-think!

My kindle

A copy of the Daily Mail…To remind me how very lucky I am

Robinson Wb

I’d take my friend badger, without her I couldn’t handle things

Mine would definitely be my bed. Need to be stranded for a while please to catch up on my sleep… Xx

Without doubt mine would be a back massager. And if it could also be a back scratcher as well, I think I’d be in heaven. Albeit a lonely heaven (I’m surprised by people still trying to sneak in a another person to take, despite the rules!)


I’d need three things, my easy chair, Kindle and lots of tea. Never forgetting the hut to put it all in, I suppose I’d find a way of building that so I won’t be greedy.

love this thread Pat!!

It’s a hard one but a kindle or something similar that i could listen to music on aswell ( i cant be without books ( my dad wrote books so the thought of never being able to read one agaiin is soo upssetting) )

building a hut and having peace and quiet from the hubby and kids with tropical fruits on hand mmmmmmm


OK guys gonna find a desert island, book a one way flight and then set off … who wants to join me???

Kate x x x

Hey it would suit me! :slight_smile:

Like many on here I’d need my kindle!



Mine would have to be a wind up radio so I wouldn’t be without music :slight_smile:

Sharon x

Jen i don’t know, but i’m sure we could find a really amazing one!!!

But it has to be where we won’t get tsunamis or tornadoes!! Any bad weather etc

And big enough that lots from here could join us!!

Kate x

Like lots of others here I love reading and could not be without my kindle but how about I share with the rest of you and I’ll bring the solar panels to recharge everyones device. Sorry - I am an engineer so my first thought is how to make sure the thing works hehe

JBK xx

If we`re allowed 3 things;

CDM bars…an something to stop `em melting

Good quality vanilla ice cream…ditto above

my bed and mattress…but they`d need very long leccy cables.


Endless supply of Minette Walters books. Mozart’s music. A comfy bed (double)

Well if people are going for more than one thing… (breaking the rules… LOL)…

Besides my bed, I’ll go for a solar powered kettle, and all things to make tea with. Hmmm not sure about the milk… maybe I could tame a wild cow?

Some great suggestions!

Pat x



My dog.