What 2 things would you take to an Island with electricity

Following on from Blossom’s Christmas Avatar thread and Cherrylips last reply on there I got thinking and thought of the title for this thread.

Imagine that the island had electricity and you were allowed two things to take what would they be? Not including people or pets.

I am still thinking about my reply. Will get back to you shortly.

Shazzie xx

my ereader and a stove :stuck_out_tongue:

My computer and my mobile because I would be able to charge the battery up wouldn’t I?

Ipod (or something similar) & hair straighteners

The ghost of Robinson Crusoe and Oromorph


Oh I forgot the hair straighteners. Now which of my other two will I leave behind???

Robinson Crusoe Wb. That brings back memories of Saturday morning when I was little.


Can I have three? iPad, hair dye and oven with hob

Jan x

Music and something to draw with perfect!!!

Laptop and sat phone to connect to the Internet :slight_smile:

OMG. Of course. My air cond machine. I don’t think I could survive without my air cond.

Now I am really confused as I am gonna have to choose 2 of the 4 I need to take.

Guess I will have to put up with curly hair and do without my mobile so I will just take my computer and my air cond machine.

shazzie xx

it would have to be my kindle to stay in touch with the outside world,and ive got lots of books to read on it, and my shaver cant have hairy legs or pits.


-definitely my computer/laptop and mobile, so I could stay in touch with the world when I fancied.