How do you use technology?

hey! What technology you have / use which helps in everyday life (Apps on mobile / house equipment / speech activation software etc) and also what do you know is out there that could help but you don't have the money / resources to access. Shana  xxx

Hi I would be lost without my laptop, I pad etc I do my weekly shopping on line and buy most of my other shopping, birthday pressies, Christmas pressies etc on line, Amazon is my best friend lol x

Karen my computer is my best friend.I also have my Tesco food shop delivered, sales kit my child out for xmas.Sports Direct is now our favourite clothing store as its very cheap.

Shana what do you realy want help with?

Do you have a computer or laptop and need software for it?

I would be lost without ipob touch i use an for pill tracking, diary, notes and cottacts. I find it a very useful tool when i visit my GP, MS Nurse etc...happy2

ChrisP you have just given me a great idea,I can set my BlackBerry to remind me when to take my meds.




Hi, I`m a technophobe..if that`s the right word and it`s spelling!

I just use these things with ignorance of how they work!

I use my netbok most days. My tv remote is a great friend..what did we do before these? we got out of our comfy chairs to turn the tv off/on and change channels.there were only 3 in those days.that`s for you younger folk out there.

My  bed, wheelie, hoist, recliner chair, all work with power, so I`d be very sad without them.

Modren science is a wonderful thing indeed!

luv Pollx

Hello Shana,

                      I am none too good with all things technological. I use this forum of course, but although I can strip wallpaper, and change plugs, etc, I am too much of a wus to buy things on line! I look for things on line, but then jot down the telephone number, and give them a ring - shame on me!

                                Take care,


Hello redhead,

That is an interesting idea.

I am dependent upon my Laptop for a variety of reasons, email, my website ( and the internet, where would we be without Google?  I use Facebook and Twitter quite a lot but they are for my website. Only have a primitive mobile phone so don't use apps

My mobiity scooter, Leki walking sticks and poles are essential, generated as a result of mdern techmology

I would like an iPad and amore up to date phone but cannot afford.  I will need to replace my laptop within a year.

Oh yes, my drugs, the obes from the chemist, definitely only available cos of modern technology



I use a couple of Remote Control Sockets to turn the halogen fire and the fan on and off. Herself found three sockets and their controller for 20 quid in B+Q. They are really good and I'm still pondering what to use the last one for