What's your technology 'must have' and why?

Hi all

Another quick one from National Centre:

On our Facebook page there’s a request for contributions for an article we’re running in the 100th edition of our members magazine MS Matters.

"Hi all, we’re doing an article for the upcoming 100th edition of MS Matters, on the technology that has been useful in our lives since 1995. Once we never had things like the internet and mobile phones, and now we can’t do without them.

What’s your technology ‘must have’ and why?"

If you have an account we’d love to hear from you on the Facebook page ( ) - if not you can reply here and we’ll pass on your contributions.

Greg [admin]

Must have for me is my MP3 players (yes i have 2 or 3) - helps me relax by listening to my fav tracks - especially on my ride on mower…

Couldn’t be without my iPad now, it’s so quick and easy to use, has relegated the laptop to work only. Gx

My laptop of course, how else would I know what is going on in the world.

I was introduced to the mss forum when first diagnosed, where I have met some fabulous caring loving friends. We share daily life, symptoms, happiness & sad times. My life dealing with ms would be so empty without them. Coping is now much easier knowing theyre are there at any time, in any event, because theyre now part of my family! I would feel undressed and totally vulnerable without this network. Thank you mss.



I love my andriod ipad thingy (motorola Xoom) I’ve been flat on my back as I couldn’t sit up so it has been a massive help in the boredom stakes!!

I can access the internet, e-mails, play music and play games on it. Love it!!


Hi Greg

Not sure if either of these are what you want to know, but two things:

  • The Internet; life would be unthinkable without it now. Main uses: for finding out information, socialising and shopping!

  • My electric scooter, it’s wonderful to be able to go where I want to, when I want to.

It must have been so hard being disabled before the technological revolution


I couldnt cope without my computor, i do everything online, banking, shopping and keeping up with friends, when it goes down, i feel helpless.

jaki xx

My iPad too I’m afraid. Can’t cope when other people are using it. I feel lost! It’s so user friendly. My sons call me ‘stato’ cos I’m always looking up stats of any subject imaginable! Tree65

Hi Annie

Both are ideal!

Thank you

Greg [admin]

Thanks everyone, this is very helpful, and will make for a really interesting ‘crwodsourced’ article! Does anyone have any objections to me quoting snippets of the posts? I’ll only use your first name, and can use no name if that’s preferable.


No problem by me, Gill x

No problem, go ahead - my name is Stephen & i must add that the internet plays a big part in my life for information, knowledge & keeping me sane…

Internet… without which I would be very isolated AND I really rely on internet shopping.

Mobile phone… often too tired to talk to people but can at least text AND makes me feel safe when I’m out on my own… if scooter should break down or if I have medical emergency.

Mobility scooter… can’t imagine how I’d manage without it. It’s my passport to freedom and independence.

Pat x

No problem Tree65

No problem ‘westlake’ my first name is Anne if that makes it seem more authentic.

l suppose for me it would have to be my Tramper scooter that takes me ‘off-roading’ -everyday in any weather. Been out three times to-day.

And of course my stair-lift - as l would be still going up and down on my btm!!


Another ipad lover here…it goes everywhere with me. It is so numb finger friendly lol x

Here’s a few things off the top of my head:

-I owe a debt to the bright spark who invented the wheelchair, as otherwise I’d barely be able to get anywhere.

-Also on the mobility front, car hand controls have given me a lot of freedom too.

-Freezers and microwaves are a proper blessing too, meaning we can freeze leftovers and then re-heat them another day for an easy, almost effortless meal.


For me it’s the internet and the fast PC/laptop so I can access it, Outlook for the electronic diary and task reminders that I use for EVERYTHING(!!!) and for email so I can communicate with my “electronic friends”, my iPhone that I use to sync to Outlook so I still have reminders when I’m not near the laptop.

I would also add the Kindle. I don’t use it all the time, but I think it’s an amazing invention that has changed a lot of MSers’ lives for the better.

Karen x

Laptop [although I’d like one of those iPad thingies] and someone else who knows how to use the vacuum/washing machine/dish washer etc.