Need your help!

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m continuing with trying to write blogs or do weekly videos to discuss MS and to offer any tips I’ve discovered on the enjoyable (not) journey of having MS!

I’ve left the link for the latest video below, but I wondered if there were any topics or information you guys would like to hear being discussed? Looking for inspiration from a community who knows it better than anyone else :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

Rachel xx

Hi Rachel!

I just wanted to say thanks for the blog clip and especially for the recommendation for the MS Society assistance card. I didn’t know about this and I’ve emailed to apply for one. It’s going to be so useful!

I’ve already got a radar key and I’m now going to find out whether there’s a card for getting a seat on the Tube (will contact TFL) . I’ve noticed that there are seats in each carriage for disabled/less able travellers etc, but haven’t had the nerve yet to ask for one - if there’s someone already sitting in it how do you know that they don’t have a real need for it? I was on the Tube last week - standing up - and one of these seats became available. A woman was about to sit down in it and I said ‘excuse me, I need that seat’ and sort of elbowed her out of the way! I suppose it’s no good being too British and easily embarrassed!

Best regards - Louise

Hi Rachel

Thanks, that was really informative. Though I might go for popping the cards in my wallet rather than in a sparkly handbag. But who knows! It also nice to see that ppl are getting about, and getting on with their lives, despite MS. Having got what I think was a diagnosis a few days back, that’s good to know. Though I know the impact can vary enormously between individuals. Any ways, I look forward to teh next video. If you are asking for requests/ suggestions, then something about study/ work and MS would be good. Atm Im just not sure if I can finish my phd as my brain seems to have gone south and I’m wondering if it is possible and if so what are good hints for working/ studying with MS. But no worries at all if not possible to cover this.

Best wishes


I forgot ask. Where is your blogg please? :slight_smile:

Hi Rupert,

Haha a wise decision RE the storage of your cards! Did used to have them in my purse, but could never get them out and found it so fiddly so gave up and went for a larger storage option :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to hear about diagnosis, when you say think it was - are you waiting on further results? Stupid MS and the waiting games/limbo.

Study and work are definitely subjects I feel really strongly about having now found a decent employer. Lots of tips I’ve picked up that I wish I knew about at university when I was studying! Keep your eyes peeled and i’ll make sure to cover it soon!

Thanks for your thoughts, so helpful for me to be able to talk about things that are important to fellow warriors. Stay strong <3


Hi Louise :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching, glad it offered some use!

I won’t lie, I used to have panic attacks about asking people to give up seats on public transport. The more you ask, the easier it gets. Usually go for the, would you mind if I took your seat and then flash my MS card. If one person says no, the chances are there’ll be a kind hearted person who will be willing to give up theirs upon hearing you need assistance. I once had a commuter give me the luggage rack he was sat on, because all the other commuters wouldn’t give up a seat. Made the rest of the train look pretty awful to say the least!

Let me know how you get on with TFL, I’m sure I read somewhere you can wear badges to say you need a seat (similar to the baby on board ones)?

Take care! Rachel xxx

Hi all. Here’s the link to the TFL site where it says they’ll be introducing special badges/cards in 2017 to encourage people to give up their seats:-


Excellent find! I knew I’d heard about it somewhere, i’ll definitely be getting one of these!

Rachel x