Need a few MSers help!

[content removed by admin - please seek permission/clearance before seeking to access forum users for research/studies etc.]

Hi, [name removed by admin],

I live in Scotland and I think that I know where you are coming from. I have lost my license after nearly 38 years but I don’t really travel any where (apart from holiday with my wife and child) but good luck anyway.


As a hint I suggest you get the permission and backing of the MS Society to be asking for help on here, and then your presentation would carry more weight.


Dear management WE thought you had overcome all the problems you had in picking up on people trying to ‘Get help’.Staffing or software issues? Looking at the time-line of this post I’m thinking both.


No, Marcus doesn’t drive, but he has a time machine. :wink:

Good luck with your research/studies - sorry, if I’ve got it wrong but this morning (something kept going through my ‘head’ and I used it!) I’m having a bit of a ‘relapse’ and the only way I could keep ‘moving’ was to repeat to myself ‘little by little and bit by bit’ - it’s not ‘my phrase’ (I think) but ‘I felt’ that it was ‘worth keeping hold of’. It’s supposed to be ‘Father’s Day today’ - but I’ll no doubt ‘crawl back to bed’ - best wishes - When I was ‘younger’, I was ‘renouned for my neat handwriting’ - but now I just depend on the ‘type-writer’ - ‘suits me because I’ve become lazier!’

Marcus. x. (only if you are ‘female’ and it’s just friendliness from one ‘MS-er’ to another 'cos my wife would not be impressed).

Didnt see the original post but unclear as to the need for permission to be granted to ask generally if individuals on here can help with some research. Seems a bit OTT unless there is some other issue?


Well neither did I, it isn’t a huge research project it’s just I’ve found it helpful meeting others with MS and hearing their stories. And I thought I could get a bit more insight to add in a presentation I want to do at college, to hopefully get people to understand more about MS and why I suddenly walked into college after a long “break” with two sticks to walk with, and urge them to value their health whilst they have it because I sure which I did!

If I were to talk about MS on a whole, I’m guessing it would be more reliable if I were to get more factual information of how it can affect a persons life!



Come on Admin, whats the genuine concern here? We’re all adults freely capable of giving our own individual consent to help someone out and its not about endorsing anything!

The management concern is that if a member of this Board had any difficulties with somebody they met on here there would be a huge problem for them.

There is a thing called SoVA

The management usually miss ‘researchers’ coming on here.


Oh well if you say so, how about the request of someone sending a video or just a script of a short paragraph or so about how they percieve MS and how it has affected their lives? Would that be a problem too?

Though hopefully after the presentation I would like to post it up on the internet so you can see if it is that you don’t believe me or something