Thanks for nothing

Sorry I must moan but why has the MS society computer people not replied to any of my emails about being unable to log into the forums? Was I supposed to call the help line and waste their time? I have wanted to put a message up as I am struggling with my MS and wanted some advice. As I could not log on I have struggled on my own. I have now sent up a duplicate account but I doubt I will use the forums again.

Apologies - we’re still catching up from the backlog of work since the launch. PM me directly with your preferred username and email address and I’ll look into it as soon as I can. Greg

The only way l can get on to this forum is by ‘googling’ ms society forum - it works everytime now - using the link from the emails from the ms society forum - l just get that my username/password is not excepted. l really do miss the old system as l had n o trouble understanding the way it worked. The emails state ‘weteam’ instead of webteam - and the time clock is wrong. l am hoping that the l learn something each time l use the site. Hopefully, things can only get better! F.