Category Topics

Welcome and introductions

Not sure how to start? Say hello and tell us about yourself. Everyone here knows MS, so don’t feel afraid to ask questions and share your experiences.

New diagnosis and before diagnosis

Have you recently got an MS diagnosis? Or have symptoms but no diagnosis? You’ll likely have lots of questions and be going through a range of emotions. Talking to others new to MS can help.

Symptoms and treatments

Whether your MS symptoms are invisible or visible, you’ll find others who understand. And if you’re thinking about treatment options, it can help to talk it through.

Everyday living

Whether you’re having a good day, a bad day or an OK day, chat about the ups and downs of life with MS. Connect with others, get tips and share experiences.

Finance and benefits

Living with MS can impact your finances. You might be getting to grips with the benefits system, or figuring out how to plan for the future. Share experiences and talk to others who’ve been there.

Primary progressive MS

Meet others living with primary progressive MS. Share your experiences, get tips and speak to other people who understand.

Caring for someone with MS

Does someone you care about have MS? This is a place for friends and family to chat to others who understand. However you’re feeling, someone else has been there.