Help, Support and advice needed

Hi everyone, new to this forum and was hoping for some help and advice. My sister in law has MS and is struggling yet she is a proud woman and wont seek any further help. Her MS nurse and specialist dont really offer much in the way of support either.

She struggles to get up in the morning and is constantly aching all over. She struggles to walk on some days and suffers badly with dizzy spells and is always tired. When she sees the nurse or specialist she doesnt fully tell them of how she is feeling or makes out she isnt as bad as what she actually is. I see her all of the time and dont like seeing her struggling. She is only able to work 2 hours a day in an office job and doesnt want to give this up. There isnt a lot of money coming into the house and I wondered if she is actually entitled to some financial help.

Any help or advice will be greatly apreciated.

Many thanks