need help!

Hi, I hope you are all as well as can be. I’m not sure why i’m posting this, I guess i just need to let my feelings out cos i’ve no one to talk to.

I think i’m having some kind of break-down. I’m strugggling so much right now. Can’t cope with living on my own, there are so many household chores i just can’t do anymore, but there is no one to help me. I just keep strugggling on, but i feel like i’m falling apart. Wish there was someone i could talk to about all this. I am so depressed, i feel like i’m trapped in a deep dark hole, and i can’t get out, no matter how hard i try. have been feeling like this for many months now.

Then there are the money worries. I am on all the benefits i’m entitled to, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough money coming in. I struggle to pay the bills and sometimes i have no money for food, so i have to survive on hardly any food. To top it all off, my washing machine broke today, and i just can’t afford to get it fixed, so now i can’t even wash my clothes. I hate living like this and i wish there was a way out. I need help, but don’t know where to get it. Sorry for posting this, love Bex xx

Hello Bex,

You poor love, there is help out there for you, speak to your MS Nurse, your gp, OT. Are you claiming DLA if not, why not, have you tried income support. There is always carers who can help with your housework. Have you got any family or friends you can talk to about this as you must talk to someone.

We are always here if you need to talk, but at least speak to your gp.


Do you get DLA or ESA?

Im sorry to hear your having a hard time ((Hugs))

Im not sure exactly what to say but i can try to offer a few suggestions at least!

  1. I know there is some kind of grant scheme available isnt there that may at least be able to help you with your washing machine? Idont know much about it but if someone else knows and would care to elaborate…

  2. Maybe you could call the MS society and ask them about possible options… Ive never called myself but I know others on here have and found much relief and help and advice from them!

  3. Im not sure how or who… again if someone may care to help me out here… maybe there is some kind of community care assessment you may be able to have… Occupational Health people maybe? I know there are some places that send people out to disabled people and help with care, chores, do shopping etc… I used to do a similar job!

  4. Maybe you could speak to your doctor about your emotions… depression is not good, but there is medication that can help, which in turn will help you think more clearly about solving your current situation.

Sorry its not a lot but I hope it helps a little, and that someone else can maybe give a little more detail and knowledge!

Meanwhile try to stay positive and look ahead… theres always help somewhere, its just a case of inding it and gaining access!

P. xx

Oh and feel free to PM if you ever want someone to talk to!

You are depressed – no wonder. I think your GP may be able to help with anti depressants. If you can lift your mood a bit it will all seem much easier to cope with.

If you are struggling to get all the household chores done I would suggest contacting adult services at your local council. They will arrange for an assessment and will work out what help you need.

You could apply for a budgeting loan or a crisis loan to help you with the cost of a new washing machine. You could also look at to see if there may be other sources of help (connected to a past employment perhaps)

You sound lonely. Is there a local MS Group that you could attend? It was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do but I forced myself to go to a local chat group and I’m glad that I did. It’s only once a month but it’s really good to make contact with other MSers.


Hi Bex So sorry that you feel like you do,i wish i could help, but this site is wonderful, extremly supportive, and so many people can answer your questions.


Hi Bex So sorry that you feel like you do,i wish i could help, but this site is wonderful, extremly supportive, and so many people can answer your questions.


Thanks for your replies. I am getting DLA and incapacity benefit, but it’s not not enough to pay all the bills and buy food. I don’t have an MS nurse, not entitled to one apparently. I’ve tried to get help from adult social care, but i’m not entitled. I’ve even thought about selling stuff to get money, but i haven’t got anything to sell. Just wish i could get the washing machine fixed somehow. I’m already on anti-ds (citalopram) but they don’t help xx

I used to take citalopram too… how long have you been on them for? It took about 4 weeks before I started feeling any benefit from them… after the nausea passed (eugh)…

I think you would definitely benefot from calling the MS society… they may be able to help find solutions with you. Especially with the MS Nurse thing… I wasnt aware you even had to ‘qualify’ for this… seems wrong surely…?!

Please give them a call they could really help.


Try your local freecycle group. They often have things like that on offer. You can also advertise as an item wanted Julia

Hi Bex, I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a bad time.

I wonder if Freecycle might be a good place to get a washing machine. Worth a go.

Lots of good advice from others, but just want to say I’m thinking of you.


Pat xx

Hi Bex

I am so sorry to hear that life is so difficult for you at the moment.

Two things that might help:

The MS Society help line 0808 800 8000

Your GP, is he/she any good? They should be able to help with the depression and may be able to help by referring you to the appropriate agencies for some practical support.

I hope you are able to find some support soon and life becomes much easier for you.

Hi Bex

May want to look at these sites to see if you can get a grant/help with your predicament:

this site lists various charities than provide financial assistance to individuals in hardship.

This site details info about the Community Care grant which you may qualify for.

The above links are included on the one below. There are others which might be relevant:

Probably going to require letters/email enquiries being sent. Maybe we can help with that.

Take care