Can't take anymore!

Hi, i hope you are all as well as you can be. I am so fed up with my life, i am so deeply unhappy, i feel there is no hope left. love Bex xxx

Sorry your feeling like this. Please lift the phone and contact your nurse, neuro or Gp. This is only a blip at moment, and things will get better. BE

Dear Bex, I’m sure someone with a better ‘pick me up’ will write to you BUT just in case. My mantra is ‘this too will pass’, I detest the platitudes but this has got me by and ‘I can do this’. You can do this it’s not the end of the world and we are here for you. M

Just read your profile, Bex ‘dig’ deep - archaeologist! I too am mad, the old jokes are the best, take careM

Hi Bex,

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so unhappy, sending you a big ((hug)) :slight_smile:

Do you know what’s making you feel sad, or is it just the general ‘meh’ of everything MS related? Perhaps it might be worth a trip to see your GP about getting some counselling or medication as a short term help? I think we all have days where we could easily give up, but tomorrow is another day and all that jazz, nothing lasts forever - even sadness.

We are all here for you, look after yourself.

Laura xx

Thanks for your replies. I don’t have anyone to talk too at all. No medical support or anything. i’m on anti drepressents, but they don’t help. I’m sad because MS has destroyed my life completely. I can’t work, have no way of getting enough money to live on, my home has become a prison, and i just can’t see anyway out of this big, black home xxx

Hi Bex,

As you can see from the number of replies here - you are not alone. Never ever think that!!! You need to go see your doctor and get medical support!

On your profile it said you like to read - have you a book club nearby you could join - if not print some posters and start one. It is so hard to give yourself a kick up the whatsits and get motivated but it is like the rolling stone - its easier to keep it moving.

I hate to see this stupid condition get the better of people. We are all behind you 100% and when you need a good rant we will be here. Please don’t let it win.

Lots of hugs

Kelly xxx

Hi Bex, I go to my local MS therapy centre once a week which has really helped me make new friends and see how others cope. Its worth looking if there is one near you. All the best, Peter

Hi Bex, Please go & see you GP ask him/her to help you! & if you need someone to Chat to we are here for you. Love. Rahma xxx

Good night all xxxx

Hi Bex, Sorry to hear you are feeling as you do. It’s a cruel disease and from time to time we all feel as you do right now, but don’t let it beat you and your spirit. Ring the help line, talk to your gp, but remember we are all here for you. Sending you big (((((HUG))))) Janet x

Shame. I have been feeling like that recently and then something comes along, the black clouds lifts and the sun begins to shine. I hope it does for you too. Big hugs.

Adrian xx

Hi Janet! Nice to meet you. Love Rahma x

I can’t sleep now, so I am back lol


Bed I’m sure each one of us has had days like that, I know I have. Please take the advice given and get help, maybe you need a review of your anti depressants. Either the type or dosage may need changing. Try to focus on the positive things in your life. Like many others I have a mantra, mine is - there’s always somebody worse off than me. Another idea would be to see if you can’t do a bit of voluntary work even if it’s to spend an hour with an elderly lonely person. I don’t know what your area is like but our local papers are crying out for volunteers.


Many of us here know what you’re going through, and I know it’s hell. But like H said, I remind myself that ‘this too shall pass’. Since starting mindfulness meditation, it’s helped me recognise that any feeling will not last forever.

It’s incredibly painful in the moment though, to be confronted with what you’ve lost. Inevitably it’s going to make you question who you are and what your identity is now. However, I think it is possible to pass through the valley, and to start to put your life back together again, and to see what’s possible now. I’ve had more experiences and opportunities since getting MS – I’ve done a skydive, I’ve started target shooting (and have a tiny, tiny chance of joining the GB disability shooting team), I’ve successfully applied for a role with the NHS thanks to my involvement with the MS Society Research Network… It’s taken a long while to get here, but life is possible.

Right now though, you need to make sure you’re getting all the support you need – DLA, incapacity benefit, housing benefit. Call the MS helpline and they’ll advise you on what you should get (and if you’ve been turned down for things, appeal). Also, speak to your council’s social services, as you may qualify for social care.

And make sure you’re doing little things every day that you enjoy and feel good for your soul. Join the MS Society Research Network, as it could help give you a sense of purpose. And get a houseplant to look after (research has shown that nature helps us to heal, and looking after a plant improves wellbeing).

And, obviously, talk to people on here as much as possible so you’re getting contact with others.


Hi lovely people, feeling a little better today. Min, i do volunteer at a national trust house, every tuesday. i enjoy it, but it’s expensive getting there xxx

Glad you’re feeling a bit brighter today… Just thinking about your voluntary work - most organisations that use volunteers work on the principle that volunteers should not be out of pocket so perhaps they would be able to provide you with travel expenses - might be worth asking about…

Glad your feeling a bit brighter today. I don’t know how tight money is for you or how hard it is for you to get about but my daughter Rachael has been given a prescription for the gym, it was £5 for her initiation and £1.80 each times she goes. Exercise is supposed to help with depression, it will also get you out the house as well if you can. Maybe try meditation as well as getting yourself a mantra, something that means something to you that will help inspire you to keep going till things do get brighter for you. Linda x