need to have a moan, sorry! Just feel so down.

Hi everyone, hope you are all as well as can be. I am sorry for moaning again, i just need to get it all out of my system. I feel so down at the moment. I am so fed up of living each like it’s a battle to survive, i know there are people worse off than me, but it is still hard. I try my best to be positive, but i am really struggling right now. Fed up of feeling rubbish all the time, the constant pain and fatigue and all the other symptoms are really getting to me. So is not being able to get around. Wish i could get a job, get my brain working and earn some money. I miss my friends so much, would love to meet up with them, but i don’t enjoy it like i should, cos it’s hard watching them have a meal when i can only have tap water cos i can’t afford to have a meal. I can’t do free activities like going for a walk or going to the beach with them cos i can’t do these things anymore. I am fed up of having no money,i don’t want lots, just enough to live on would be nice. I have made all the cutbacks i possibly can,but i still can’t afford to pay the bills and eat. Got a letter yesterday from the energy supplier saying that the tariff i’m currently on is being canceled. This means i will have to pay more, which i can’t afford, so electricity will have to be severely rationed. I am finding it hard to see the point in anything at the moment. I am on antidepressents, but they don’t work, and are not the solution. So wish i was able to get a job and earn my own money, but how?

Anyway, thanks for letting me get it off my chest, love Bex xxx

Oh Bex, how very sad for you. Is your MS symtoms the reason you can’t work just now? I can understand you not wanting to see your friends for a meal because of lack of funds but if the friends are good enough could you explain to them your money worries and maybe they can have it at their house where they supply the food and take turns once a month or so and that way you don’t get cut off from your support system and become more isolated which will make your depression worse. Have you made sure you are receiving all benefits you are entitled to, if you are not sure maybe contact CAB? I hope you feel better soon. Hugs Linda x

hi linda, thanks for your reply. Yes, my MS is the reason i can’t work. My friends like to get out though, either cos they don’t have their own place, or they want a break from their kids, so that wouldn’t really work. Yeah, i am recieving all the benefits i am entitled to. Am waiting to hear if i’ve been transfered to ESA from IB, so am worried i will end up even worse off than i already am. xxx

Hi bex i know what you are saying we to are struggling at the moment bills and cost food morgage ect we have to pay outmore than get in,keep trying to juggle stuff but get in a mess just got final reminder for water and cannot afford to pay them will have to tell them will part pay them abit at time.Its all added stress on top of an already bad situation.I care for my hubby and 2 little girls he is working at the momment but only does 5hrs per day mon-fri and this is too much,I am not working as he cannot watch the children ,he struggles to do things for himself and we cannot afford childcare would have to pay more than i would earn.Plus i think it would affect some of his credit from hmc and revenues.Hubby said he wants to work as long as he can he is registered severly sight impaired/blind also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.xxxx julie