Moan Alert!

Sorry about this guys but i need to have a rant to get it all out! Life sucks at the moment. I was diagnosed about 10 weeks ago after an agonising 6 yrs of Limbo land. I started injecting Betaferon which I feel ok with. So I have been trying to get a grip back on life when my partner decides to split up with me a couple days ago. I feel like utter crap and very alone at the moment. Moan over xxx

So sorry to hear about your break up - some people just cant cope with things. My boyfriend bailed on me when it was suggested of the possibility of ms. I look back and realises he did me a favour as who wants someone that can bail when the going gets a little bit tough! I feel for you though and remember that everyone on this forum is here for you so you’re never alone. I keep the philosophy that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger- my mum used the same philosophy right up to when she passed away from cancer 3 years ago. My mum always smiled and kept a positive outlook on life and I have learnt from that massively and I always remember that there’s someone out there that’s worse off. Nevertheless doesn’t always help when you’re feeling really rubbish - I’m here if you want to chat or a moan!

Dont apologise for anything ,your dx is enough on its own to warrant a rant.

It may all seem very dark and bleak at the moment but it will get better.

Firstly is it a knee jerk reaction of your partners? My husband is still finding my dx impossible to accept 8mnths on.

Will you be able to give it a bit of time and then talk to him and give him the info he needs to know about ms,rather than running away because of false images of your condition…or was it on the rocks anyway and it was the final straw…and he is doing you a favour in the long run??

Probably too many questions for now so I will stop,but remember there is an army of us so you are never alone.


Thank you for your support guys. The relationship has been a little difficult lately but I think the MS may have been the final straw. I need to try and be positive from now on and look forward, although I could do with an injection of motivation if anyone has some going spare :slight_smile: Thanks again to you both for your supportive words xxxx

Oh bums! How rotten for you. Well that guy has shown his true colours. When you begin to feel better, youll see what a favour hes done you. Better and happier times ahead. Stick with it gal, yeh?

Sending a hug for you


luv Pollx

ps you moan whenever you need to!

Awwww mrs that’s awful I remember remember going through a kinda grieving process after my diagnosis it was horrible let alone splitting up with sumone you must b going through so much but please remember you will get through it. It want feel like it now but u will. Ur online pals r here for u xx

Really feel for you,but its his loss, isnt it ? once you get over this difficult time, you will be stronger and be able to move on to better things.


jaki xx

How are you feeling today?


Hi Pip Feeling pretty rotten today to be honest. Just trying to look on the bright side but that’s hard work too x

I think trying to find the bright side is a bit optimistic at the mo but a good way to face.

Have you got people around you to help?

Dont forget trying to get your head round it all may lead you to not knowing where to start.

Alot of people on here say just writing it down helps clear the thought paths and get all those jumbled thoughts and feeling out helps…you dont even have to post it.

Thinking of you.