Hey folks, just going to have a rant

It seems my comment didn’t show up lol!! Been seperated from my wife for 4 months and she doesn’t give a shit that I’m going downhill quick! Bit worried I won’t meet anyone ever again. On a plus side had my medical today at Atos after waiting 8 months!

Hey LeeWeir1989

It’s ok to rant. In fact, it’s sometimes the best thing to do!

I am so sorry that you and your wife are separated and that you are worried for the future. MS is horrible. At times I hate it and what it’s made me become, but then sometimes I understand that MS with all it’s downsides, there can be positives too.

I had my medical for PIP with Capita (in October). Not the most cheerful experience but it had to be done. The medical made me feel I had to justify my existance at some points, but again, it had to be done.

I am newly(ish) diagnosed (August 2013) and I have certainly had my fair share of rants, hissy fits, dark moments and plenty of tears.

At least with this forum, you are not alone in this. I know it’s a bit distant and disjointed having support from a forum message, but it’s the best I can do

Take Care

Asher x

Hey Asher thank you very much for your advice. I’m a bit of a veteran to be honest only 25 and been diagnosed 9 years! Catching up with me now. But I won’t quit. I’m a competitive person even if it’s only with myself lol! Lee

I know how you feel on relationship sides of things. My boyfriend has read up on it all and everything, i got dx a couple months after getting together, but sometimes he feels so distant from me, and when i have my bad days, its almost like hes put off. Thing is its unpredictable, i could go majorly downhill, i could stay the same! I kind of feel like now if i loose him, who would want to be with me with all my issues! Like you, im 24 next week, ms has made my life feel like its dissapearing

Just want to say the right person and that person who loves you for you will not be put off, they will be your rock. They may want bto read up on it to educate themselves and know how they can support you etc but to be distant is not. I was diagnosed at 24 and had only been married a year :frowning: thought that was it, end of our happy married life, no children etc etc. However we are still going strong ten years on nearly with a little boy. And have to say he’s been my rock. Had a few relapses … lady one affecting mobility slightly but I know he’s there for me. So please don’t think that’s the end for relationships … it really isn’t. I alsp work with people with varying long term conditions and see that their loved ones are also supportive etc. Like I say its a case of finding thst right one. And anon maybe you need to have a chat with your boyf … he may be scared and not know how to express himself. He may be completely the right one just struggling. M.s has affected my life in terms of vring more aware of what my body is telling me but I’ve still lived my life … great holidays, silly late nights, clubbinh etc. Obviously since having my son that’s all calmed down as I’ve not the energy and im older but that happens to us all m.s or not :slight_smile: PM If you need to Xxxxxx

Sorry for the spelling mistakes. I was doing it from my phone, stupid predictive! X

Hi im new to this I was diagnosed in 1994 up until now my last flare up was 13 years ago but in the past year have suffered falling down stairs painfull spasms every night right leg keeps locking and causes extreme pain and to top it off memory problems and brain fog past 2 weeks keep choking on my saliva and had bad fatigue for at least 6 months ive been having b12 injections for 3 months which have not done anything.was sent for a spine and head mri went for my results today was told my head is full of lesions and inflammation but in the next breath was told I have to go for anothet mri but this time with a dye.anyway I asked for medication to help with the fatigue and the pain whichim going to have to wait atleast a week for.anyway reason for my rant is my sister thinks I should see if anyone elsehas been in this situation and what medication helped the best to ease fatigue and also to slow the ms down. Thanks

Hi Daz you should probably create your own thread.

Moyna xxx