feel low


I am having a battle going on in my head! a good friend at work has just got promoted and moved to another office. I am happy for her and I would like to change job but know I have too many restriction on looking for work. I can’t walk far, need to park outside building and need a sedentary job. everything I look at and want to go for is not suitable. I am really pi**ed off with this illness and how much it messes up my life. I know I should be happy that I can still work but still want the ability to do what I want. Want my cake and eat it!

Sorry to moan

Amy x

Don’t be sorry about moaning I know how you feel, I hate MS too. I cant find suitable work anywhere but itstead keep myself busy with voluntary work. I usually volunteer with a local youth group for people with learning diffilculties which I love but tonight I just dont have the energy to leave the house again and feel really annoyed.

Hello Amy,

Sorry to hear that you have lost a good friend but she is still around and you will still get to see her, I have presumed there, sorry. You haven’t moaned, just a little wobble, what if your friend is replaced by someone else who is just as nice then you may regret thinking about trying to get another job elsewhere. Take your time and think long and hard before leaving all that you know to maybe go into a strange enviroment which you find you don’t like. Sending (((((HUGS)))))