I’m sitting here feeling so low. I can’t believe how my life has changed in less than a year. Knowing i won’t be able to go back to my former role in my local hospital emergency department because I just wouldn’t be physically able anymore. I miss the interaction with the patients, i miss hearing about their lives, i miss the satisfaction of knowing I’ve made someone feel better and I miss the honour of caring with dignity, a loved one who’s passed over. Now I’m on the redeployment list, awaiting to see if an administrative role becomes available. I’ve got until mid July, then I’m out, tossed onto the scrap heap. I’m scared of what the future holds :’(

Hi vinnygirl, you make me realise how little I should be depressed about. I have felt very low lately and wanted to scream “I want my old life back” the other day, you must really miss such an active fullfilling life. You are allowed to feel low, one of my friends call these days ‘boo hoo days’.

I hope you get redeployed into something you like or at least get some satisfation from.

Personally would go mad without my little bit of voluntary work for the MS Society; I have good friends and support from them.

Take care,

Love Wendy x

I’m really sorry to hear this vinnygirl, I know just how you feel. I too missed my career at first but hopefully you will find other things in your life to replace it eventually. I volunteered for the red cross, doing massage. I met lots of lovely people in their homes. I wish you all the best and lots of ((((((HUGS)))))) X

Thankyou. I’m just so scared of what will happen next, as I’m sure everyone here is. The loss of control that this illness inflicts is one of the hardest things to learn to accept and deal with. I’m glad i can write on here what I’m truly feeling ,as i always try to make out everything is fine in front of my family. The last thing i want is to have them worry about me any more than they do already. X