Feeling very low. Am so tired of the repetition and difficulty of life. Not sure whether I can be bothered with it anymore. Having real trouble seeing anything positive right now. Any pickmeup seems so fleeting and transitional, why bother? Sorry to be so negative but it’s all I can see right now. Anyone else feel the same?

I’ve never felt like this, I would advise you to see your GP, this sounds like Depression. I think we’ve all felt a little depressed at times but when you start to think that ‘you can’t be bothered with it anymore’ you need some help. I hope you are feeling much better soon.

Lynne xx

Actually no I don’t feel negative at all. No matter what this rotten disease throws at me I fight back. I make a point of overcoming any problem that faces me, for example, opening a ring pull tin. I discovered that a knife would lift the ring then slide a pair of sissors under the ring and pull then hey presto tin open. Another problem solved. Try looking at life in another way, be positive, for one, you have a computer, so you can type and vent your feelings. Have you spoken to your ms nurse, maybe a good idea, or physio, or your own doctor. Take control of your life don’t let this disease take control of you as there is life with ms, but it’s up to you to make it, go out, if you can and meet people, talk to them and most of all ask the pro’s for help. Sorry if this sounds hard I don’t mean it to but it lies in your hands. I feel for you in feeling this way. Take care.



Dear Anon,bad times hey.You are not alone,'cos you’re on here,and many many of us know exactly where you are.I reckon you should find something you like doing, and get stuck in.I strive to go out every day on my big buggy.Presently I have really nasty pain in my feet and am living in a morphine induced cloud.I’m only getting out for an hour,but rules are rules.

When you find something you like doing it’ll distract you and your mind might wander to…? A trip to the GP is sound advice and a chemical lift might be no bad thing.Keep your eye on this place as there is usually something going on.

Best wishes,


Hi anon

You’ve no need to apologise - it can be easy to think we should all keep a stiff upper lip & only ever think positive thoughts, but I don’t think that’s always helpful. Having this disease can be horrible, so it’s hardly surprising you’re feeling what you’re feeling.

I can relate to what you’re feeling. I’ve been through times just like you describe, when I didn’t think I could carry on. I’ve learnt a lot about myself on this journey though, and I feel like I’m maturing & growing stronger. I’m also learning about things that help my sense of well-being. Being thankful is a good place to start, and there’s lots of research to show it can help our emotions. Having MS is cr*p, but I know I have so much to be grateful for, even if it’s just something like having a rood over my head & clean water in the tap.

I’m also learning the importance of choosing to do things that I enjoy, and that help energise me or feel like they nurture my soul somehow. Things like cloud spotting, reading, writing, watching comedy, practicing minfulness meditation, doing my physio exercises every day, getting out into the countryside or to a park, writing to the two children that I sponsor, learnng about things that interest me. What I’m wanting to do now though is to find things that will help give me a sense of purpose.

I’ve also learnt that, when I feel like I’m in a pit, those times will pass, and better times will come. I’ve noticed that I’ve experienced (and still do experience) the different stages of grief - denial, anger, depression,… It’s not fun feeling those sorts of things, but my experience is that they really are stages - I will move on.

I hope some of that helped. But you’re very welcome to be honest about how you’re feeling as much as you need to.


Hello. I am saddened to read how low you are feeling.

I see you`ve had lots of supportive replies. It tells us we are not alone in our thoughts.

I do think this time of year, with such low temperatures and snow and ice, which makes our outings dodgy, has a lot to do with how we are feeling.

But having a chronic illness like we have, is hard at the best of times, whether there is snow or sunshine, eh?

You dont mention if you have friends and family to support you. If we dont, then life must be even more of a struggle.

It may be difficult, but try to look ahead, to brighter days, when socialising is easier. I stay indoors much more in winter and can feel stir crazy sometimes.

I hope things improve soon, for you.

luv Pollyxx

Thanks everyone for all of your comments. I’m picking up a bit. Was just going through a rough patch. When I feel low and depression is hitting hard I often bring about physical illnesses upon myself. Recently I have been going through a lot and this has cumulated in severely inflamed and ulcerated tonsils, migraines with associated persistent vomiting, a skin condition known as urticaria as well as more commonly known MS symptoms… Fatigue, dizziness, numbness, double vision etc. I was at a point where I felt like I needed to be put to sleep but your comments have helped a lot. I know there’s a lot worse out there, just that when you’re going through it it’s very difficult. Thanks again to all who posted. Very much appreciated.

Fully understand mate - there was a while back when I was at an all time low and started taking anti-depressants again and to be honest, I am feeling alot better now, sometimes MS and depression, go hand and hand & it can be really tough - esprecially at this time of the year but we are heading to brighter days DV… Chin up and stick it out…

Love the little things.

In my pre MS days when I had a job and a husband I used to look forward to bigger things like holidays and new stuff (clothes, gadgets – whatever) now I am trying to find pleasure in smaller things like a perfect cappuccino or a TV program.
I’m not saying I’ve got there because it’s a work in progress but I try to find one thing every day that gives me a little lift. Saddo that I am I’m writing them down on my ical so that I can see at a glance that everyday has had something in it to give me pleasure.


I’ve been in some really dark & depressing places in the past not a nice place to be at all. Then one day I gave myself a right good talking to (literally was talking to myself in the mirror lol) One of the things that hit me the most was “what affect would it have on the ones left behind” doesn’t even bear thinking about now. I came through the other side & every day I count my lucky stars for the people in my life that love me for who I am not for what I have. Glad that your coming round & starting to feel better, keep posting the people on here are amazing xx