Feeling low

Hello new to this, I have just been diagnosed with ms and am feeling like my. Life has just ended I can’t stop crying and I am usually the strong one. I have been reading all the posts on here and know I’m not handling it to we’ll. since I found out last week I feel as if my body is shutting down I feel like I’ve had all sorts of new symptoms or is it in my head, feeling so depressed.

BIG HUGS FOR YOU (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

It’s horrid when you are first diagnosed… it does feel like the end of the world. But I promise you… hand on heart… it does get easier. Just give it time.

In meantime… you need to talk about how you feel. Phone the Helpline (number at bottom of page) for a chat or see your GP for a referal for counselling. IT REALLY HELPS!

Also, while seeing the GP, why don’t you ask about antidepressants. Loads of us on here use them.

MS can make us depressed in two ways… one because it can be hard to live with and scary (at first), and secondly because the lesions in our brains actually muck about with our emotions. So we have double-whammy!

So hon, tomorrow morning, pick up the phone and make appointment with GP.

And remember… MS is NOT the end of your life… it is a change in your life that you will soon learn to cope with.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

Oh sweetie, of course you’re gonna feel a whole load of sad/bad emotions. Like Pat says, see your GP for some anti-depressants asap!

Everyone said I was really brave when I was diagnosed and I felt like a fraud! I just got on with my life the best I could and felt terrified at times but sort of contained it…

I was then told probably PPMS 3 weeks ago and did have a good few days of partial meltdown but weirdly, I was still ok til this weekend… then it hit me really hard. I think so many things cropped up and really scared me, I said to my husband yesterday that I’d be ok if I managed 2 days without tears! Stupid stuff that shouldn’t matter kills me at the moment.

My Mum summed it up well the other day, she said I’m going through a grieving process of sorts, and so is my husband.

I think coming to terms with it is different for all of us BUT I sincerely doubt anyone would not feel some sort of fear, and that’s a hard one.

Take care, the forum is a good place to share too

Sonia x


Everyone on here knows this pain, it’s the hardest thing to get your head around, don’t rush yourself, take it slowly and cry it all out.

I still find it hard to deal with (dx Oct 2012) So I get my mum or my partner to read up and give me the edited version of things until I feel I’m ready to cope with the info myself.

Life isn’t over it’s just changed I’m slowly learning that. Keep talking on these boards, Everyone here is lovely and there is always someone to listen to a rant, moan or cry. They will always answer questions or show the way to the answers.

Take care


Thank you all for your replies ,have been dragging my right leg for about 6 months so I think deep down I had a good idea but was hopeing for a slipped disc in my neck. I have a good family but don’t want to talk about it with them keep saying I’m fine, I think I’m just tired cause arnt sleeping at the moment too well but will speak to my doctor tomorrow, I see a ms nurse in 3 weeks and am waiting for a lumber pucture, so maybe will feel better then. Work have been great and have dropped from full time to part time cause of my leg. Thank you again while I get my head around around itx

Hi. I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and was also hoping it wasn’t ms, especially as 3 weeks prior to that I was told by the Neuro that he didn’t think it was. My lumbar puncture gave him a definite result. I tried to keep the “happy face” on while I was with friends and family and cried in private but I eventually cracked and now everyone knows that I have good and bad moments and are really supportive.

What I’m trying to say is that everyone wants to help you but don’t know how to unless you ask for help, even silly requests make them feel they’re doing something, it can even be as minor as going shopping with you. It does get better, just keep telling yourself that you are still the same person you was before you got the news and life goes on. This forum is also a Godsend. The people are very friendly, supportive and full of advice through experience. You’re bound to feel low, getting a diagnosis like that sets off a grieving process, exactly the same as if you’d lost someone close to you.

There’s no shame in asking for help.

Min x

Hi Hugs, I got dx back in march and i had suspected MS for a few months but getting the result was a big whammy!!! I talked about it with mu hubby and in depth with my Drnand was fantastic and very understanding!! Im on antidepressants and itdefinitely helps me!!! I think i have fianally got my head round it and understand it now, though i do have the odd “why me?” moments especially on a bad day but a supprtive hubby and family is a lifesaver. As Min said getting them to do little things, shopping with you is good for them and makes them feel like they are really helping you out!

Yoy learn to adapt and take things easier, i now ask for help ( which i hated doing before) and will rest for a few hours if im tired… as for Cleaning it gets done when it gets done as long aas the kids are fed and have cleanclothes etc then i’m not too bothered having the energy to spend time with them is more mportant!

((((((((((((((((((( HUGS)))))))))))))))))) to you hugs

We al know what you are going through and understand how you feel!. You are not alone!

This forum is a wonderful place to come and chat, moan and talk about things you cant with anyone else ( and you dont feel embarrassed disclosing some things) there are always people who will listen!!

Kate x x x x

So sorry you are feeling like this, but we are all here for you

Big hugs

Jaycie x

(((((((())))))) Xxx

So sorry you are feeling so down. We all remember how we felt when we were first diagnosed. I was diagnosed in Feb 2005. It will take you a whlle to get your head round the diagnosis but I promise it really does get better/ Remember we are al here for you whenever you feel you need to chat.


Shazzie xxx

Oh love!

It must`ve been an awful shock for you. Even we we suspect something like MS, we still feel booted in the tum when we actual get told the news.

Please try not to see it as your life has ended. It hasnt, its just taken a different turn to the one you thought it would take.

You need to give yourself time to injest it all.

pace yourself with activities, take time out for yourself.

You`ll get there hun, as long as you have the right kind of support from family, friends and us lot here.

Be good to yourself.

luv Pollyx

The only tip I can give you is that its like the grieving process, when you start accepting it, it starts getting easier. Also I’m great and giving advice that I don’t take myself…but accept help from friends and family. People feel better when you let them help and it actually helps them too. Found this out from the other side of the coin when my friend got cancer. Last tip…talk to someone outside your own family and friends. You’ll probably try and be brave for them and you need to let it all out yourself. Chin up and you’ll get there :slight_smile: