feeling low

emotional ups and downs ! Help !

we all get them sarah. we all feel like a freak show. it’s the ms brain f*ck that’s doing it my lovely. sneaky sod ms is. just sneaks up and steals your happy. give it a nut in the face and swear at it. if it was a person, tarantino couldn’t handle what i’d do to it. and i’m weak as a kitten. i was tough in a past life (about 20 years ago) but now, i can talk tough but the reality is different. there are quite a few feeling down today. me too. if you still feel like this in a couple of days see your gp, he/she might be able to prescribe something to make you feel your happy. take care xx


I often feel like that. Last couple of days haven’t been good. Stuff that in the past wouldn’t have bothered me at all now come at me with a sledgehammer. I do my best to beat it though. Grab the metaphorical sledgehammer and wave it (in my head!) at MS. Tell it to “F…O… - you’re not going to beat me. There’s loads in life worse off than me.”

When it rains look for the rainbow, when it’s dark look up at the stars.

Take care, you’re not alone.

Tippy x


Love your response Carole, especially the Tarantino bit.

I regularly swear at my MS for stealing my happy and trying to make me do a face plant.

yFogging son of a beach…


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There do seem to be a few of us being ground down recently. Sorry that you are up against it. I likeTippy’s comment too.

All the best


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Yeh the proverbial on the floor on the belly fed up. My husbands 1st anniversary coming up since i lost him, and its hard enough having MS without all the other stuff on top.

I wonder if its the change of the weather perhaps.

I am sick of MS and sick of people around me. I have lost tolerance for so many things. People irk me. why are they so stupid, or is that the MS talking who knows i dont anymore, i have forgotten who I am or was.

sometimes i wonder if there is any point to fighting this damn disease but then a tiny bit of me that is still hidden somewhere comes out and fights and kicks that MS hard in the nuts lol.

Just to have one day normal is that really too much to ask.


Thanks guys, your responses mean a lot.

CC a kick in the nuts for my MS sounds appropriate. Loads of people are daft and irksome so perhaps a notional kick in the nuts for them (we dont need police time)

i do on occasion play the “what would I swap for 1 normal day” game.


Hear Hear, MS stinks! Especially my SPMS. Constant rollercoaster… Then my addled brain fog lifts and the sun comes out!

I want to kick MS in the nuts too. But I can’t, my legs won’t work this week. Hopefully within a couple of weeks I’ll be able to kick the cat instead. Meanwhile MS can Fog Off.

You have my sympathy. All of you. MS and it’s associated problems are bringing a lot of us down at the moment.


Turned 50 on the 5th Sept and as usual MS at this time of the year mood tends to dip…(((((hugs)))))))))