low day!

Hi Everyone, hope you are all as well as possible. I was just wondering, do any of you feel like MS is like soe sort of nasty dictator, who forces you to live your life in a way you really don’t want to and stops you from being the person you should be?

Or is it just me who feels like this? thanks, love Bex xxx

Hello Bex, I was diagnosed 4 weeks today and this is how I feel too. Early days I know but I’ve lost some perspective and have had a very bad week. Hope I feel better and more positive soon and wish that for you too! Big hugs xx Sam x

Hi Bex No it’s not just you that feel’s this way as I’m sure many other of the msers on the forum feel this way. I’ve been dx’d 18 1/2 yrs and this ilness robbed me of my marriage stopped me from doing things with the kids etc etc. So you really aren’t alone here. BUT Thankfully I’ve now got a very supportive husband and 2 kids that turned out to be the best ever, they are polite helpful & supportive and they certainley don’t feel like they have been robbed. Both have said that I’m an amazing mum that has taught them to love, laugh and support and they will always be grateful to me for that and that it didn’t matter that I couldn’t run around in the parks or whatever with them just having me here for them was enough :slight_smile: xx

Hi Bex, nice to see you on here.

Yep that’s a good description. On ppms board we often call it ‘the gorilla’… esp when he’s rattling his cage!

Hope you have a better day tomorrow hon,

Love Pat x


you have hit the nail on the head. i find every day a constant battle to be “me”, not some moaning, miserable, old before my time person! i start each day with a fresh resolve but at some point during the day my resolve will buckle :frowning: i’m just hoping it gets easier with time…or that my symptoms miraculously disappear!

i think in my case i just have to find a way to accept my limitations and maybe find a new me within them as the constant fighting against things just makes more frustrations.

hope you find your own way to keep “you” alive xxx

I know what you mean. I’m new to ms and the force of it is frightening. I’m a strong person but ms is stronger then me. When it reared it’s ugly head it wiped me to the floor within days and that really scares me. I refuse to let it dicate my life but I’m well aware as much as I say that ultimately I’m powerless.

Hiya Bex
I try not to feel like this. Yes MS has changed my life completely, I’ve gone from a career minded, independent woman to a woman that can no longer work and has to rely on other people for some things. I get brain fog if I’m anywhere busy or have to concentrate too much, wobble around like I’ve had 10 pints and load of other things (that I can’t remember because MS has taken my memory on a very long holiday!).
I don’t feel that it’s robbed me of my life, life is just different now. I have lots of good things in my life and I’m happy with it. I realised quite soon after diagnosis that I had to get used to the ‘new me’ in order to be able to move forward. I don’t spend my time looking at what I can’t do anymore as that’s no help to anyone. Instead I live in the ‘now’ and deal with it all as and when it happens. I can’t do anything to change it, so what’s the point of getting all worked up about it… I’ve always dealt with problems by looking at it…can I fix it, yes then fix it, problem solved. If I can’t fix it then what’s the point of stressing about it? Just get on with it. It may seem easier said than done, but it works for me.


good points all well put, it is to my mind however a horrible thieving disease,robs your loved one of those things that they once took for granted and robs the partners of their loved ones and the lifes they shared.