Does everyone else have low days?

Just wondering if anyone else feels like this. I have a target driven job and up until the last 2 years (first signs of ms started) I loved my job and I knew I was good at it. Didn’t always hit targets but I know I done a hell of a lot better! Now I just feel like I can’t do it anymore and some days like today I feel so bloody low to the point of I just wanted to sit in my car and cry. Could this be related to ms or am I just letting things get to me

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hi jewels

i’ve always been upbeat until now.

we were burgled on friday night - early hours of saturday.

i was fine until yesterday and then the stress hit me.

my hands felt like i was holding a live cable!

today my legs have started now.

you sound as if you are stressed too.

stress does affect ms.

maybe you need a week off to see if it helps.

i’m having a duvet day tomorrow,.

take care

carole x

Hi Jewels

Im sorry you are going through this awful time. I’m also struggling at the moment, possibly grieving for my old life? as Jackie mentions it’s like a loss. I feel like my body won’t do what I need it too and that I’ll never be the person I was. I’m learning that MS is so different for everyone but as Carol says stress definitely makes things much worse. I am currently signed off work as my left leg has become very weak and my fatigue is really getting me down.

i know we don’t often practice what we preach but be kind to yourself and take some time to rest.

Carol I don’t know you, but very sorry to hear your awful news! Such a horrible thing to go through.


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I used to get days like that, especially for the first 2 years or so after diagnosis. I’m better now though and I credit that to a good anti depressant and meditation!

I gave up my stressful managerial role as I was advised by my neurologist to “try to eliminate stresses from your life”. So I did. Best decision ever and now I can just do my job and go home at night and leave it all in the office.

Be kind to yourself and take a bit of time off if you need it. It’s hard working with MS let alone if your job is demanding and target driven. And if the low feelings linger then maybe visit your GP?

Best of luck to you

Lisa xx

Thanks everyone I did go and see the doctor last year and they tried to give me anti depressants but I turned them down as I thought I could deal with it and have until now. I’m going to have a word with my manager today and let her know how I’m feeling without hopefully breaking down! I feel like I can’t take time off as I have had a lot in the last 2 years as it took so long to get diagnosed and onto meds. I know what you mean when I feel like this fatigue really kicks in and I get vibration feelings in my legs plus a nice cold sore on my lip! Thanks for the advice guys xx

When people get any stress in their lives they normally react purely to this issue. The trouble is when you have other things stacking up too, they all get added to the equation, so x2, x3 etc. With having m.s. this is always present, so you have one in the bag, straight from go. My only advice on this is to remember, if you do your best what more can you do? So be happy in yourself knowing this. If you feel there is a valid reason you could do better then, focus on changing your current train of thought, and see if this helps. As pointed out by others stress never helps, and do your best not to let it win the day.


I mostly have good days as being angry miserable or sad takes too much valuable energy. I do have sad moments when I think about some of the stuff I can not do. These are usually brief because I have developed a new reflex of being grateful for having had the good times I have been lucky enough to enjoy.

I still get caught out by little things like seeing a footpath sign and wishing to explore but realising that can not happen.

I think we can allow ourselves a little self indulgence or self pity time, I just try not to dwell on the crappy stuff and get back to the positives.

Good Luck



fab answer mick!

i have slow days rather than low ones…

i find that its others who struggle with believing that i am happy! am not in denial either! have had a long time to get ma heid round this ms malarkey…


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Hi Jewels,

What do you have against antidepressants? There are a few misconceptions usually spread by rumour rather than evidence.

They can’t make you forget your problems, but they may make it easier for you to deal with them. Being depressed can distort your perception of your problems and sap you of the energy to address difficult issues.

Antidepressants will not change your personality. They will help you feel like yourself again and return to your previous level of functioning.

Like all drugs, antidepressants have side effects, and weight gain can be a common one of many of them. Some antidepressants may be more likely than others to cause weight gain; others may actually cause you to lose some weight. If this is a concern, talk with your doctor.

Most people who take antidepressants for a first-time episode of depression need to take them continuously for six to nine months, not necessarily a lifetime.

Some antidepressants can have an effect on sex. The problem is usually in having an orgasm rather than a lack of desire. But because depression itself decreases libido, a medication that eases depression may improve your sex life.

Are you afraid that taking an antidepressant is a sign of weakness? I take an antidepressant as I would any other medication to take control of my life. Like medical conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol, major depression is a condition that often responds to medication. When depression interferes with your ability to function normally, seeking treatment is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of good self-care.

Best wishes,



I haven’t got anything against anti depressants it’s just I’m a strong person most times and would like to deal with things myself if I can. On a positive note I spoke with my manager this morning had a little break down (full on tears and I’m not a crier!) explained how I was feeling and my concerns ie targets getting stressed etc and she is going to try and help me, I do feel better for doing this. I think most of it has been my own fault I should of spoke up earlier and let my employer know I was struggling. Thanks the shoulder to cry on guys xx

I think the normal way to be when we have m.s. is to be down in the dumps/depressed. It’s a crap condition and it bu**ers up our personal relationships - employment - it impinges on what we can do in our leisure time etc.

We have plenty of good reasons to be depressed.

Do we but a happy face on to please our families/friends/employers - or do we behave honestly as we feel? If we feel down/depressed then lets be depressed.

We don’t have a duty to be all-singing all-dancing all the time - do we ?

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