Run down and fatigued

Hi all, this is my first post, I’ve been nervous to post before but I think now the time it would be lovely to share my experience and just talk to people who can understand. I’m 26 and have had ms since I was 16 so this is nothing new but I’m just feeling a bit down at the moment. I’ve had a horrid sore throat and lost my voice over the weekend. I was off work on Friday and have called in sick Monday and today (Tuesday) I feel a lot better than I did so feel guilty about not being at work however I feel very fatigued and I know if I go back too soon I will most probably feel worse.

I really just wanted to come on here to ask how/if anyone else manages these guilty feelings?

Thanks, hope you’re all safe and well. J.


Jessie, guilty feelings about being unwell can add to issues and I remember feeling guilty too. My only suggestion would be : when you are at work try to be the best you can and deliver a bit more than expected (provided that does not make things bad for you) At least in your own head you have tried to even things out. If that does not help, think how guilty you would feel if you had a broken leg so could not work. All the best

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Thanks Mick, yes I’m feeling a lot more positive today :slight_smile: hope you’re well,J.

I am sorry that you are struggling. The issue you describe is one many of us will relate to - I certainly do. I certainly felt guilty that having MS made me a rubbish employee, and even at the time I knew that was daft, but there’s not much logic to these things, is there? Because there’s always a grain of truth: MS DID make me a rubbish employee, it’s just that it wasn’t my fault! And it isn’t your fault either. I think that’s the thing to pin on your bathroom mirror: NONE OF THIS IS MY FAULT! Because it really isn’t. Don’t waste more time than you can help feeling bad about things that aren’t your fault.


Hi Jessie,

Sorry for the late reply and I hope you are feeling better now but don’t feel guilty if you are still off work.

I’ve employed many people in the past including many of your age. Of, course, I wanted everyone to be at work when they could but not when they were ill. I would understand that.

But what I would be looking for is something that you’ve clearly got and that is a sense of responsibility and you are showing that by being so concerned to the point of feeling guilty. To me that is a big plus point.

Qualifications to do a job is one thing but what I always looked for is enthusiasm, dedication and responsibility.

As an employer I would have known from the start that you have MS and accepted that. It would not have mattered so long as you demonstrated a willingness to do the job when you could. I think you will go far. Don’t beat yourself up. I wish you good fortune.


Hi Jessie, I hope things are easing for you.

A lot of employers understand that MS symptoms fluctuate and will impact on your work, so try not to worry about it as there is no need to feel guilty. There is a lot of understanding out there.

Before I retired my employer use to say to me “You do more than most so it’s hard to think of you as disabled”. At times I had to remind them I was disabled (although it seemed pretty obvious to me as I’m in a wheelchair). Some days were harder than others - but that’s life for most people.

MS is hard to live with at times so ease up on yourself and try and enjoy the good times and curse at the bad times.
:kissing_heart: M

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Goood day Jessie, life can be a bit of a struggle at times, please don’t let it really get you down, I’ve often wondered why God (and there is one) let’s a disease-any one-affect folk under, at least 40, by then the person would have lived some life, possibly had a family, this condition, like many should be for the elderly not young, take care, Brian

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Hi Jessie

This is also my first post and like you hesitated making ‘official’ contact with the group. Your subject really hit home with me and promoted me to touch base. I hope you found some support from the responses.

I’m over two years diagnosed with RRMS and am on Tecfidera. Recent 0.5 lymphocyte levels so may need to come off it if they don’t come back up.

I’m completely used to the weakness, pins and needles, minor numbness, brain fog etc etc but the physical fatigue is something else! After a bit of research I’m now taking Vit B complex with Vit B12. Also high cocoa % dark chocolate for the energy inducing flavonoids. Has anyone had any success with these? Any tips would be great as really struggling with work etc. Thank you.