So low

It’s Saturday night I have just managed to put my little girl to bed . I am completely wiped out we have been to the garden centre I had to use a wheel chair to get round. We had a panic because I needed to use the loo and they weren’t very accessible. I feel sad defeated and removed from my friends and feel I am robbing my husband from a normal life too . This is the worst I’ve felt since diagnosis x

Aww (((hug))). I know it’s easy for me to say but we all have days like that. When I feel down I just give myself a shake, think I have to be positive to get through it. I know how hard it is hun but please don’t feel guilty. I’m sure your husband loves you very much and just wants to help you through. Stay strong x


There aren’t many people on this site who haven’t been where you are, I know I have.

My daughter is my carer and in a very down moment and in tears the other day I told her I was sorry our lives had turned this way. She, in tears said she wouldn’t have it any other way, these are our lives and we do alright together.

Don’t feel guilty I’m sure you are much loved by your hubby and your young daughter. MS is an awful thing to live with however it effects us. We all have days like this.

Be strong. X

It’s so horrible to feel so low…and as others have said…we have all been there. Have you been able to talk to any one about how you are feeling? I am going to G.P on Tuesday to ask to see someone to talk to as I, like you, feel that my husband must be sick of me…nearly as sick as i am of this bastar* disease. We all have our up’s and down’s but sometimes we need help to get out of the deep hole when we are down…this site is amazing but sometimes you just need face to face contact and to be told by a professional that all will be o.k. Stay positive…i have heard this a lot lately…bloody hard at times…you know we are all here for you if you need to talk xx take care

Hope your feeling a bit better today? x