Mum of 6 feel like my life is over


thanks to anyone reading this, I’m not diagnosed yet. Currently sat in hospital again.

About ne - I’m a mum of 6, very active with a small holding of 13acres. My youngest turned one yesterday and my youngest daughter is home educated due to autism and a disability.

MS - is currently the main thing being shouted about I’ve seeb the nureologist and waiting to have a MRI scan later today.

3 weeks ago it started with lack of sensation in my legs, weakness in all my joints, numbness and pins and needles. I can now barely walk and have a stick.

Thought process is crap

i can’t feel when I need to urinate and have to force it out.

On Sat I collapsed no warning, uncontious for 4-5min woke with a broken arm and wrist, cut lip, bump to head.

I literally cant do anything for myself needing help to be bathed, washed, tie hair up everything let alone look after my family.

I just want an answer as to whats going on and if it is in deed MS.

Im scared I will collapse again and injure myself.

Im scared I will be like this totally useless forever.

If youve read this so far I’m sorry for feeling sorry for myself and ranting. X

Hi Becca, i’m sorry you’re having such a hard time at the moment. What ever diagnosis you receive just remember you are stronger than it! You hit it with everything you have, if that means feeling low to recoup your mental health then so be it, you are not alone. You have an amazing family who will be there every step of the way! Kind regards, Rich.

Hi Rich Thank you it’s been one thing after the other. I’m not usually the type to feel sorry for myself but the lack of being active is what’s the hardest. Thanks for your time

Hi Becca - sounds awful could be MS guessing they will offer you a brain and spine MRI and possibly some other tests too. MS is different for everyone and I understand that many people can lose certain abilities for a time but they can return maybe not as good as before but maybe so…it is a dark and scary place to be when you first get diagnosed but something tells me from reading your bio that you are probably made of very strong stuff and you will find a way out of the darkness. Some people are offered treatments to slow the progress of the disease…good luck on your journey x

PS I have just been on Facebook and I get updates from MS UK there was a youngish woman on there saying she couldn’t walk a few weeks ago and she has just done 20 minutes on a cross trainer at the gym!!


thanks for that. I had a brain and spine MRI two days ago and neurologist rang me yesterday to say I have lesions on my brain and spine. A different consultant is calling me today to organise medication and a physiotherapist.

How are you feeling today Becca?