A liitle confused

I have been having tingling/pins and needles etc since april .Im having an mri on thurs, so not much longer to wait now .Since april it has got so much worse .Do you think its because i havent started any treatment yet ? Im so worried that it wont go away again ,im hoping it will ,but im still paniking .

At the moment im so dizzy ,vision is dreadful ,my hands are so stiff and sore,my face is numb and tingly,constant pins and needles in legs and sudden pains ,numbness in toes and hands .My right arm is very achy as well ,so much its sort of painful and weak,which is making me hold it up differently,so my husband pointed out to me yesterday. Im carrying on completely as normal (apart from having an afternoon nap) My back in the evenings ,top right side ,feels like its burning up and so oversensitive even though it feels numb

I hate moaning about myself so try not to say anything to my family .My husband just worrys and my mum thinks im being silly thinking its ms and that its probably beacause im on my mobile phone to much ! She thinks its that or stress .I will let my mum come with me for the results from mri as i think its hard for her hearing everything from just me .She just thinks im over reacting .

I just hope i will be able to get these symptoms under control soon as im starting to feel abit miserable at times

Sam x

(((hugs))) Sam

I know you have your MRI on Thursday but have you considered giving your neuro’s secretary a call and telling her that things are now a lot worse. My neuro has, in the past, called me at home when I’ve been feeling really bad so maybe yours could do the the same? Or maybe she could make an appt for you to see him sooner rather than waiting for your mri results to come in?

Failing that give your nurse a call.

Unfortunately sometimes our nearest & dearest do have trouble accepting that something could be wrong with us - something that they can’t see - so it comes as no surprise to me that your mum is struggling with it.

Your OH is bound to worry too and although you try not to say too much, don’t you think he knows when you’re feeling particularly rough? Maybe being a bit more upfront with him when you do feel real bad may be better as at least then he knows for sure.

Mail me anytime Sam and please consider calling someone about how you’re feeling at the moment

Debbie xx

Hi Sam, just to say good luck. I’m glad you are taking someone with you for your results (I’m taking my dad to my appt on 25th). Thinking of you, Lucy x

Hello Sam, just wanted to wish you good luck, hope it’s not what you’re thinking it is. But tell people you’re feeling rotten, don’t keep it to yourself, it does you good to let it out. At least then people will know you’re not feeling good.

Take care.



Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I just hate ringing the neuros secretary .Im going to try and put up with it until next week ,then if it has got no better i will ring her then maybe they will hurry the mri results up abit .

My OH is being really good .He has kept me busy over the weekend and out the house .We took the kids and dogs for a walk in the country. Then a picnic yesterday .I loved it but god was my back killing me when we got home .Its so hard trying to keep going with everything when i feel so dizzy etc but i know he is trying to keep me going .

Its the top right side of my back thats hurting ,it just feels burning hot and numb and tingly .At one point it was just in the evenings now its in the day alot as well .Do any of you get it ?

Sam xx

It is good that you are getting an MRI very shortly, to add an important piece to the jigsaw of information. You have a lot on your plate at the moment, and one of the hardest things in this kind of situation is trying to help other people manage their worries as well as your own - whether that means reassuring or (in the case of your mother) trying to keep your temper when they are being extra-annoying!

I think you are doing all you can do, just staying calm and letting things take their course - with luck, there isn’t too much amiss (stress really can cause all sorts of physical problems, so your mother might even be right, as mothers have a tiresome habit of being!) or something completely different. Time will tell. One step at a time.

Good luck with it all.



Thanks Alison x