confused, in pain and feeling pretty scared

Hi everyone! I’ve lived with MS all my life in the form of my amazing mum, but now it’s actually started to happen to me and I’m pretty terrified. Haven’t seen my GP yet as I’m visiting my mum in Spain. I’ve had numbness and tingly pins and needles in my hand and arm for about a week or so and it’s gradually gone into my leg, first left and now the right and it’s getting worse and worse every day. Often to the point I can’t feel my feet. Similar to the feeling I had when recovering from my c section. I’m totally fatigued and I’m also experiencing pain behind my left eye. My husband is in the navy and goes away every two months and I don’t drive and have a young child to look after, mum told me when they did tests on her they kept her in hospital for 10 days, is this what I can expect too? Any help or advice or even own experiences would be really helpful. Can’t sleep for twitching hand and dead legs. Going to be a long night! Thanks in advance

All the tests I’ve had have been done as outpatients - turn up, have the test, go home. That seems to be fairly normal these days.

First things first, when you get home see your GP and get a referral to a neuro. Also ask if he can give you anything for the pain behind your eye and the fatigue. I’m not aware of anything that relieves the tingling (that’s one of my symptoms).

In the meantime, keep a symptom diary - what symptoms you have, when they started, if they go away or ease off when that happened, any obvious triggers that you notice. Use it when you see the neuro to help you answer his questions.

Good luck.


Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Mitzi has given you good advice. Hope you feel better soon.