Undergoing Tests


I am currently undergoing tests for ms and would like to hear from anyone who can give my any information on the symptoms experienced or share their story about their own experiences.

I have had one attack of optic neuritis lasting for about two months, leaving my vision in my left eye slight impaired. The hospital were not going to do any further tests until discussing family history, my sister has had around 6 ON attacks in ten years, had one mri after the first attack that appeared to be normal, and has had no further tests.

Since I have also experienced difficulty swallowing, unexplained facial pain, numbness in finger, stabbing pains. I have now been referred to a neuroligist and have a mri scheduled. I have been reading up on ms to find out more about it, and can relate to some symptoms but not sure if it is coincedental, I have also noticed some other strange things that i am not sure if could also be related? Like night sweats? I also seem to be intolerant to noise? I am unsure if this is related or if im just irritable because I feel so tired all the time. I also find that I am unsteady on my feet, I cant get my words out at times, have difficulty concentrating and I seem to have forgotten how to spell. All of which dont make it very easy at work.

I would like to hear from anyone who can clarify if these things are related to ms or if anyone else has experienced them.

I also have a constant pain in my left eye, following optic neuritis, at first the pain went away for several weeks but it is back now not as sharp or a severe pain but seems to get worse when i am tired. Is this normal following an attack of ON?

Thanks Sheryll

Hi Welcome to the club or waiting room! I have not had ON bu.t know that it can be a sign of MS and you can get pain with it? What tests are you having? The symptons you explain could be a sign of MS, or a number of other things, MS is hard to Dx and some people on this board have been waiting several years for a firm Dx. All I can say is try not to get stressed- know its hard but it does make things worse. Also keep a diary of symptons and any changers, also think into the past, any strange things happen? Will all be usefull when you see the Nuero. Depending on where you live it can take along time, I waited 10 weeks to see a Neuro and then another 10 for my MRI, 3 more weeks for the results, before you know it 6 months has passed, some people have had to wait longer than that Good luck and fingers crossed that you get some answers soon.

hi shirley. I too have had ON.I’m currently waiting to see neuro, got apt in 8 weeks time.

2-3 yrs ago I went through 2 mri’s 1 with contrast and a lumbar puncture- after having tingling/numbness etc in left arm and leg. all came back ok.

since then things stayed sam until 6mths ago, numbness and pins and needles worse and in both arms, problems with word finding and memory. pain in fingers, numb toungue and sides of face and tripping over and feeling dizzy!!

We seem to have alot in common! good luck

Hi Sheryll, and welcome to the site

ON is usually associated with MS, but it’s not the only cause so try and keep an open mind about what might be going on. Hopefully you’re on the right path to getting some proper answers, but for now I can tell you that MS can cause pretty much any neurological symptom, so everything you describe is possible with MS. However, as with ON, there are other causes.

There are meds that can help with your eye pain btw - you may have to wait to see a neuro before your GP will prescribe anything (they are wary of prescribing without knowing the diagnosis, in case it’s bad for the patient), but it’s worth asking.

I hope you don’t have long to wait for your appointment.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks for your replies. I went to see a neuro a few weeks ago, and they took blood and I have an MRI booked for October, so havent had to wait to long, since being referred.

Keeping a note of any symptoms is a good idea, I will need to start this, sometimes I feel like I am looking for things though!