Undergoing Tests


I am currently undergoing tests for ms and would like to hear from anyone who can give my any information on the symptoms experienced or share their story about their own experiences.

I have had one attack of optic neuritis lasting for about two months, leaving my vision in my left eye slight impaired. The hospital were not going to do any further tests until discussing family history, my sister has had around 6 ON attacks in ten years, had one mri after the first attack that appeared to be normal, and has had no further tests.

Since I have also experienced difficulty swallowing, unexplained facial pain, numbness in finger, stabbing pains. I have now been referred to a neuroligist and have a mri scheduled. I have been reading up on ms to find out more about it, and can relate to some symptoms but not sure if it is coincedental, I have also noticed some other strange things that i am not sure if could also be related? Like night sweats? I also seem to be intolerant to noise? I am unsure if this is related or if im just irritable because I feel so tired all the time. I also find that I am unsteady on my feet, I cant get my words out at times, have difficulty concentrating and I seem to have forgotten how to spell. All of which dont make it very easy at work.

I would like to hear from anyone who can clarify if these things are related to ms or if anyone else has experienced them.

I also have a constant pain in my left eye, following optic neuritis, at first the pain went away for several weeks but it is back now not as sharp or a severe pain but seems to get worse when i am tired. Is this normal following an attack of ON?

Thanks Sheryll

Hi Sheryll, i myself am undx and awaiting to see an MS specialist as the neuro was at a loss as to what is wrong with me.

Up to now over the last 12 months i started with the left side of my face totally numb for a month, i then had a few weeks of shooting pain in my head.

Various more frequent symptoms over the last 6 months are night cramps in my calfs and feet, very painful neck through to my shoulder both sides at different times, tight feeling around my bra line,

that made me sick. Treomors in my right arm 3 times now, and like yourself cannot stand noise especially if more than 1 thing to listen too i lose the ability to take it in. I have morning sweats 1st thing. And can’t spell like i used to be able to.

Most recent was severe itching on both legs at 3am : (.

Stick with it, i’m not the most patient and struggling but i’m hoping to be sorted soon.

Sonia x

I’m also been referred for test for ms I have been putting up with symptoms for years until this time which scared me as legs and arms both playing up feel free to chat to me anytime I’m a good at listen although not much help medically lol x