Mri results


I am new to this site and to the possibility of having MS and really hope for some advice please.

The possibility of MS for me has been around since February this year when I went to doctor about strange feeling in right leg like a shiver going through it. ( thinking back I have had this sensation in my head before and side of ribs but it was only for a short time so have never thought much of it till now) This then went to other leg followed by some numbness. Since then, a number of different things has occurred from slight left sided facial numbness (mild and only on cheek) to very painful legs and cramp like pains in fingers? There is more but I don’t want to overload the post !!

I also wonder if migraines can be assosiated with ms? I have had ocular migraines that started about 8 years ago that I got every two years (roughly) until last year I had a couple then two within a week recently.

I am so unsure and honestly scared about it all.

I had MRI of head and whole spine yesterday and technician said I should hear from neurologist in a couple weeks but then was told by someone else to expect up to six week wait - is this the norm? I was actually not due to be scanned until 16th but my gp called the hospital last week due to symptoms and asked for the scans to be brought forward. The neurologist I seen in May agreed with gp so mri was yesterday - because of the rush, I assumed that the results would be available quicker also? I’ve probably assumed wrong though as I have no clue about these things.

I really appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and for any advice.

cheers x

Thank you for your reply. Yes I think if I have not heard I will try in 3 weeks.

I am under NHS Scotland and have no idea of time scales etc - doesn’t help when two people in the hospital give out different info.

The unknown and waiting is so hard and it’s only been a day for me so far! I think I need to work on having some patience! How does everyone get through it?

Jen3, I am the most impatient person ever BUT going through all this over the past five months has made me a little more patient. To start with I felt like pulling my hair out but realise we will get a diagnosis or not in the end, and stress does us more harm than good.

When my GP said he thought I might have ms back in March I was so shocked, I thought of it 24/7 but I only think of it 23/7 now :wink:

Marjie xx