Advice needed. x

Hi again When I posted earlier I felt okish but over the past couple of hours I have got in agony with my lower back and legs they ache to the point of me crying. I got out of bed to stretch when I went downstairs they turned to jelly and coming up felt like rocks. It only happens this bad when I have done too much in the day but painkillers I have don’t cut it anymore. I was ok at my neuro appt have god knows how long until my scan am off work and was planning to go back tomorrow and its all just going belly up don’t even know if I have MS so feel silly for posting here one more thing my legs look different thinner and more defined and my knees stick out around edges never did before what can I do to help myself… Thankyou and sorry for this long winded winge. Xx

hi evie,

its the very devil this not being diagnosed, as is actually having ms.

why dont you book a nice relaxing massage.

cut yourself some slack - grocery shop online - take it easy.

note down what symptoms have arisen and when, a useful prompt for when you see your neuro.

be kind to yourself

carole x

Hi Thanks for replying! I went to Drs today again lol we be best mates soon we see that much of each other, he has given me more painkillers but said there is some muscle waste in my leg which is bizzare but expected as I asked him what the big gap was above my knee nothing he can do though until I have had my scans which he offered to speed up if necessary I am resigning myself to the fact I will just have to accept the sick notes being thrown at me and work when I am ready to work I just hate being at home alone while my girl is at nursery and my hubby at work depressing. Hope you are well Take care xxx

Hi, in my earlier days, I also hated being home alone. My mind would go wildy into imaging the worst.

Plus when alone, I tried (and still do sometimes) to do things which are too difficult for me, then I end up in even more trouble.

But it is no good returning to work, when you`re not up to it.

You need to try to occupy yourself better at home. Try some relaxation cds…they have helped me.

If your GP is willing to try to speed up your scan, then let him.

What painkillers are you on? Regular, over the counter painkillers, may not be good enough.

Perhaps a neuropathic med like pregabalin would be better. Ask your GP about this, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll I am on Naproxen I think they are only your average jo kinda tablets they help the back pain but don’t touch the leg pain or the weakness he has told me he can’t give me anything else until they know what they are dealing with as he said it may be MS but may not which by the sounds of it is all most people hear in the early days not critiscing him for that can’t fault the care and patience he has shown me. Half of the problem being at home is my wages are about to be cut in half and am so scared of the pressure that this is going to put on us. My husband mainly so my mind runs away with worry everyday I am still not back at work. My employers are arranging a change of location so I drop an hour and half travel which makes me feel much better about at least trying to go back. I have had a good day today energy for the first time so I am happy to wait for my scan if I get worse I will go back to him. Relaxation CDs sound good. Do you do any hands on hobbies? I have been making xmas decorations nativity scene etc but xmas will be here and gone soon and I will be hobbyless oncemore. Thanks Evie xx

You have my sympathy I went for a few bits round the shops yesterday afternoon very slowly regular breaks to sit down and not out for ages and was in so much pain with my leg last night I couldn’t sleep and haven’t been able to go to work today. Its worse than after I’ve ran a marathon. Spoke to gp who said it’s not an emergency they can leave me stronger pain killers and see me next routine appointment which is 2 weeks away!! I’d certainly let your gp try and hurry up your scan if he is willing. I’ve over dosed on rubbish tv today so decoration making sounds good Axx

Hello Arwen Same with me everything has to be slow and steady very slow lol. I would like my scans quickly but then I am scared of confirmation of my fears. I am holding out that I have a trapped nerve somewhere or that its some isolated problem that will resolve itself given my history of autoimmune and heart problems at 27 I not holding out too much hope but there you go at the minute I still might not and that makes me feel comforted. I think I will try knitting lol my arms will probably ache after twn minutes! 2 weeks is a long wait. Means you will be suffering over the christmas period which isn’t nice can’t you push for anything quicker x

Hi, I’m awaiting an MRI scan to confirm/exclude MS. I too suffer with awful leg ache but mainly just in my right leg which is the side that is affected, weakness and numbness on this side with loss of dexterity in right hand. The leg pain has me close to tears and keeps me awake. It comes and goes in waves though, very strange. Hope you’re feeling better xx

Hi Superbecks My legs are feeling weak still but the pain has eased off thanks. I have this overwhelming tiredness still where I can be fine one minute and the next sitting down and falling asleep. Do you have your scan date through yet? I am waiting for my letter to come… Hope you feel well enough to enjoy christmas what a rubbish time of year to be suffering :frowning: xxx

Hi I too suffer with my legs mainly my left… also have the same one skinny leg and yes it does look odd… with pain in my knee too… I find it im possible to walk upstairs. . But Over last couple of days ive been getting a burning sensation just above both knees… I feel for u the pain can get unbearable and I have been reduced to tears especially in the morning when getting out of bed… Im currently taking gabapenetin and amitriptyline do nothing for pain during the day but I must admit they do make me sleep at night. Im currently waiting my mri results. … Just take it easy and I hope you get some answers soon… Vickie x

Hi Vickie The odd looking leg is awful on me very prominent. what did your GP say to you about it? does MS cause that kind of thing? It makes me feel sick as its literally happened in a 6 week time period which in my opinion is very quick for muscle waste! Has me scared of what’s to come MS or no MS. Hope you are well…aside from the obvious xxxx

Hi Evie

Having physio but only once a month… but have loads of exercises to do! But finding it all difficult at the moment with this horrid fatigue just recently, gp not sure what’s causing the atrophy he said could be because im not using it or some form of damage… gp said just have to see what comes back on mri! … mine came on pretty qiuck too… its was my 9year old daughter who noticed it!! Had to get tape measure out :-)… Also had to resort to baggy jeans, look ridiculous in skiny jeans, no idea if its related to ms… just so my things happening im scared too…

Apart from all my issues im trying to be positive what ever they find or not!

If you need to chat u can get me on this amazing forum site, I feel so much better just been able to talk about it…

Take care and have a good Christmas

Vickie x

Likewise here to chat if ever you need I can’t guarantee I will always know what I am on about though haha. Merry Christmas xxxx

Help Again!! Since getting into bed half hour ago I have had at least 100 sharp stabbing pain from my toes to my eyes and now I have a sensation like an egg has been cracked in my head and its trickling down what the hell is this and what can I do to stop it?? :, (

Hello Evie

From your description, my guess is its neurological/nerve pain. Something like Gabepentin may help.

How bad is it? If your really concerned why don’t you give the NHS 111 number a ring and explain your having tests for ?ms and this its what happening at the moment.

Take care xxx

As above I would ask gp for gabapentin to see if it helped as it sounds like neuropathic pain… Take care Baz

Hi Blossom, Baz The pain subsided and I ending up getting to sleep. Feeling funny this morning got the tingles. I don’t think I will be able to do anything about it now though as GP closed until Monday and last time 111 sent me to A&E I got sent home saying its not an emergency so they can’t help. I will ask on monday about the Gabapentin though Thanks xxxxxx

Hi Evie. Sorry for late reply. I did speak to gp at the time and she reckoned it wasn’t an emergency can leave me stronger pain killers but other than that hard luck. Due to Xmas earliest routine appt is after the holidays. My gp surgery is bad for being able to get into though not sure what you have to do to get an on the day appt. Axx

Arwen, not sure where you live, but where I am there are walk-in centres - might there be one near you?

They see emergencies and also non-emergencies without appointments, although when I went the other week, the wait was a bit grim (4 hours in a room full of students with colds lol!). Also, i dont think there were doctors at mine, it was staffed by nurses. So not sure if that would be worth it for you, just thought i’d mention it? if they saw you and they felt concerned they might be able to push for an urgent doctors ap for you? x