Feel so down

Hi, sorry to be moaning, just can’t seem to be able to snap out of it. Nothing seems positive any more, DMDs did no good, just feels like waiting for this thing to stop me being able to do something else. What happens if it gets to the point where i’m reliant on assistance to do the most basic of things, already need help washing, getting up, when i’ve fallen down. It just feels like as time goes on the more reliant I become on other people. Sorry, that’s enough moaning, just have to let it out otherwise it feels like you’ll explode.

Hi Anon

Things seem to be getting out of control for you at the moment. You have to remember that drugs do different things for everyone. I’m with you on the problem of getting help and feeling you’re losing independence, control and dignity. It’s frustrating for me, until recently I was a very independent nurse, now I’m trying to give myself the talk I used to give everyone else about us all needing help at times. Maybe your Neuro has other options, the heat could also be making your symptoms worse.

The only thing I can suggest is that if you continue to feel so low a visit to the gp might assess whether an anti depressant might be of help just to pick you up and help you focus on the positive aspects of your life eg family, friends, hobbies. They have helped me a lot and there’s no shame in it, in fact if you read a few posts you’ll see that many people with ms take them and they make a difference.

Take care and let us know how you get on.

Min x

Hello hun.

I do know how you feel. I have also lost lost a lot of independence and it does get us down at times.

But i wonder if my way of looking at things just might help you a bit hun.

i`ve been a full time worker in a senior position, training new staff, running a facility etc, but when that was taken from me by my condition, I began to see the benefit in not having to answer to everyone and feel pressured all the time.

As my condition progressed, more and more abilities were lost. Yes, it upset me, yes it made me wonder how bad things might get…but then I began to search for help and equipment, to keep me safe and able to do whatever I still could.

I see fighting against the bigger monster as using precious energy in a negative way.

It isn`t always easy to be positive, but we what we can do, is think about our families, and friends who are willing us on. They want us in their lives, so we do have a reason to carry on.

Perhaps this has helped, in some small way. I hope so.

Take care now, yeh?

luv Pollyx