Feeling really low...

Morning folks - Sorry to trouble you but I am at a very low point in my life - MS pain / fatigue / loss of sexual function, feeling like an old man and I’m 43…I was on cipralex for my mood and came off it a good few months back because I just wasn’t happy taking antidepressants for the rest of my life and my mood was ok but now this darkness is back again and I just don’t know where to turn again…I’m on copaxone and doing not bad but flip I hate this blasted disease…my brain is frazzled…probably feeling like that I have nothing to look forward to only more of the same…

Apologies but struggling at the minute…

I understand the desire to not take the anti depressants but is it worth it in the general quality of life stakes if you end up in a big black hole without them.

It is a dreadful disease so if antis give you a level playing field to start from and give you enough of a boost to see the point in life I personally would give them a go again.

They obviously got you to feeling strong enough to decide you didnt need them,maybe you just came off them a bit too soon.

Do you have friends and family and a social network to help you while you are so down,or have you talked to your nurse/gp?

Take care



I popped over to E.L as things can get rather difficult with PPMS, take the damned antidepressants! Life is or can be bad enough with MS keep in mind this is a f**king awful disease and we get by as well as we can…take care, M


Thanks folks - part of my problem is that I have a busy enough life but MS doesn’t really run with a busy life…

Is it then perhaps a time to look at your lifestyle and see if changes can be made?

If the fact you cant keep up like you used to is making the stark realities of what the MonSter is doing to you slap you in the face,then can you modify things so they are still achievable.

Does your life have to be at full pelt?

Even without ms ,as we get older changes have to be made,my hubby at 56 is amazed at what he cant do anymore.

Frazzled brain needs a break…I still think AD might be your answer but if thats not your bag,what else can you look at in your lifestyle to make it enjoyable and purposeful again?


Hello Redman,

I hope that you are soon feeling better, but I have to say that you starting on more anti Ds would make life that bit easier for you. I am on these (Citalopram), and perhaps I will be on them for the rest of my natural, but I am not proud and I’m not thinking about that right now. MS is a real challenge for anyone, and if me taking a tablet will make my existence that bit easier, I am all for it. I am not proud - especially when I remember how bad my depression was. Anti Ds help me see life much clearer, and help me make the best decisions in life. Depression is often an organic condition in itself anyway, so even if I didn’t have MS and everything was going well for me, if my brain led me down those dark streets again, I would again go on ant depressants. Be good to yourself and give yourself all the best treatments to cope with this black dog of a disease.

Best wishes,