Hi all, Feel a bit of a failure…went to the G.P today to ask for happy pills. Never thought I would have to be doing it. Is anyone else on Citalopram? How do you get on with it? Got to try to be positive! only 3 weeks left till summer holidays…thank god!! Emma xx

Hi Emma, without wanting to sound patronizing here - asking for help does not make you a faliure! Nobody can be strong all the time and living in a climate where we rarely see the summer does not help! I was on them about 10 years ago and they did help to lift my mood, i hope they help you. Good luck and yes your right…Got to keep positive!

Laura x

Hi Emma you’re not a failure at all. I had to change to Citalopram because fluoxetene was making my body spasm after a while, gosh I love MS…not. Go girl and I hope it helps.

Hi Emma

You’re NOT a failure at all! I’m a pretty strong person (usually!) but with all the stress of getting a diagnosis last year and adjusting to life with MS, my anxiety levels were going stratospheric.

I didn’t feel depressed as such, but I needed something to take the edge off. I spoke to my MS nurse and she reassured me that this was perfectly normal with MS and many of her patients take them. I got a prescription for Citalopram and have never looked back. It doesn’t dull my emotions, it just keeps me on an even keel.

So, If you need a bit of extra help, take it! It worked for me. Maybe speak to your MS nurse as well as GP?

Take care,


Hi Emma - I had the very same experience with depression last Autumn/Winter and thought I would beat it without meds, but nope and MS can cause plaques on our “happy” section of the brain and this can’t be helped. I am now on 20mg cipralex and it has made me a more happy/positive person, i don’t want to feel the way i did before, it was horrific… good luck…

Stephen xx