Anxiety and depression

Hello lovely people.

I have not been on here for a few years. I am very down at the moment I am finding things very hard to cope with. I have Secondary Progressive MS. I have hardly any mobility can just about stand and I now have a wheel chair. I was on 30mg of Citalopram it has now been put up to 40mg, how long will this take to kick in? I feel so very low I also have extreem fatigue I just crumple with it, I don’t have any interest in anything at the moment. Thank you for reading.

Much love

Jacquie xxx

Sorry to hear you are finding things difficult at the moment. I’ve just watched Gogglebox on catch up if nothing else it made me laugh a few times. Cut yourself some slack we are all allowed to feel down and despondent now and again, hope the extra meds kick in soon.

Jan x

Hello Jacquie

It shouldn’t take to long for the increase in dose to improve things.

Have you discussed some form of counselling with your GP? Antidepressants will help but maybe talking one to one with someone may also help. Depression is an horrible condition.

I hope you are getting support from people close to you.

Take care xx

We all feel low at times but have to remember our strength as well . Everything changes with time .we get good days and bad ones . We must keep going and think postive . Like you me and others we all know how tough this disease is . Sometimes it just doesn’t let up . We need to try and divert our attentions to positives but again this can be difficult too with all that it throws at us xxxx

I’m an old pro with the citalopram, been on and off it for years. Give it a few weeks till it balances out those chemicals in your brain. Frustrating I know as you want it to work immediately but it takes time. Try to be patient. Hope you feel better soon x

Thank you Jan, I just have to take one day at a time, I hate feeling this way. xxx

Thank you Blossom, my hubby is very good but I hate putting too much on him. I just hope the higher dose of antidepressents work soon. xx

Thank you Lisa, I had been on 20mg of Citalopram for years then 30mg for about a month now upped to 40mg I hope they kick in quick. xxxx

Life can be a bummer can’t it. I’m sure your husband will want you to lean on him if only for a cuddle.

Sometimes an hug can help where words can’t. Couples forget that at times when the partner is ill…love an hug myself.


Hi Jacquie, sorry to hear you are so down at the moment, i keep going through the same,i find that making a list of the things i can still do seems to help me, it makes me realise that i can do more than i realise, also a list of things to be thankful for,again more than you think,i also find writing it all down what you are feeling helps too,something i did when i was stuck in bed 24/7 for months

i have just started doing a ’ mindfullness for health’ by Vidyamala Burch its a meditation course got the book and cd from amazon and i am halfway through the course and finding it really helps me,its really enjoyable once you get into it, i do mine after waking and then before sleep,it teaches you how to relax and breathe properly.

J x