Hi everyone, hope you are as well as possible. You know I have posted several times this year about depression. Well it turns out that I have rapid cycling bipolar and borderline personality disorder to add to the MS, Crohn’s disease, Lupus and fibromyelgia! Arn’t I lucky!, NOT lol. Oh well, am going to start Aripiprazole tomorrow, which as an antipsychotic and mood stabilizer combined, and then I will be weaned off the reboxetine, and switched on to duloxetine, the 60mg version is used as an antidepressent. They will also refer me from group therapy and sort out a care plan and i will see the psychiatrist again in 6 weeks. At least I am now going to get the help I need. Thanks for the support lovely people, love Bex xxx

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Chuffin eck!!! What a lot you have to contend with! No doubt it would knock the strongest person for six!


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Omg. That’s a whole load of nastiness you’re having to carry around with you. I’m so sorry, you poor love.

But, as we know from diagnosis with MS, often being told there’s a definite cause for symptoms, and some drugs or therapy which can help, is a massive relief.

Bex, you sound very upbeat and positive about it. Long may that continue. And if you need it, as always we are here for you.

Sue x

Thanks. It is a lot to deal. Will try and deal with it as best as I can. Don’t feel strong at the moment, but I will get there xxx

It is indeed, but I guess someone has to lol. Yeah, it does feel a little better knowing exactly what I am dealing with. If I seem upbeat about it, i should take up acting lol. Have been a right mess these past 6 months. It’s like a bomb has gone off in my life and i am now sorting through the debris. Hope the meds will help me to feel more stable and more able to cope with everyday things, that at present, am majorly freaking out about xxx

I keep hearing the tail end of a commercial, playing on what is probably Eagle Radio (Surrey and Hampshire) about an online mental health counselling service that I thought might help. It is free, provided through the NHS and apparently has no waiting list, but I am never listening right at the start to hear what it is called or how to make contact, but perhaps someone else on here knows the organisation involved.