hi everyone, I haven't been here much recently, too much going off. Today my GP has given me some antidepressants. I have also resently been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and quite possibly the menopause (even though he is still prescribing Cerazette the minipill!). And also today my coninence nurse brought me some large pads to try (one of them is huge) and did a second bladder scan which showed I am still not emptying properly. She is doing one more next week before deciding whether or not to putting me on ISC. Today my gp has given me Mirtazapine, and I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this. I feel like everything is crashing on top of me! Does anyone have any advice for me please

Lynne x

Hello Lynne,

                     I am sorry to read that you are feeling so depressed, and with this list of negative happenings it is no wonder. It might be worth you having a chat with your GP if you would like some counselling. Depression was my first symptom of MS, and I am so relieved that I have found an antidepressant that really suits me (Citalopram) very well, and I have heard others say just the same with this drug. I really hope that you manage to find someone to share your troubles with and I hope that you are soon feeling much more positive.

                   Take care,


Hey Lynne

Sorry to hear things are getting on top of you. I have been flying from highs to lows this year and so understand some of what you are feeling, but in truth nobody but you will know how much it impacts on your life. Please don’t be worried about the anti-depressants as they can really do wonders. Once you have become stable with your depression it will lift a massive weight from you allowing you to deal with the other stiff. It just a pig at the moment but it WILL get better!!!!


 depression is a very common problem it seems , more so after being diagnosed.

i take mertazapine also and think it has helped me no end, plus i can get to sleep now.

good luck

I think it is quiet common,in people with MS,when you think about it,we tell very few people how we really ffell and what emontions we are going has been said talking to somone can help,but only if you fully particapate in it,bearing ur soul to a stranger ius easier than someone you know,

I also take citalopram anti depressents,and i have no side affects from them at all,and they do seem to work,keep strrong and all will be ok soon :)

Some other pluses (sure you'll know): the availability of an effective treatment for osteoporosis (really helped my mum)whereas until only quite recently there was just the awful prospect of unrelenting loss of bone strength and cumulative complications; also the effective treatment for symptoms of menopause, excepting infertility of course! Know how you feel about huge pads, feeling 'bow-legged' myself; not different from being in nappies and ironic to me that I so regularly dismissed a girlfriend's 'whinge' about wearing her 'surfboard' during a period. Only thing I can say about ISC is that I tried it for a week (turned out not to be necessary) but it wasnt too bad, though I understand it is somewhat easier for a male to find the spot.