Hello everyone. Sorry for posting annonymously, but I am sure you will understand. I am seeing my Neuro in a couple of weeks and I am sure he will enquire about my mood. To be honest, my mood seems to have hit rock bottom. I do get a bit down quite often, but it never seems to last this long. Everything seems so pointless now. I am starting to piss myself off with my mood now. I have a wonderful wife, who is so supportive and 2 sons. I dont want to upset people, but I am sure that they can only put up with things for so long. Neuros always say that MS can cause depression, but is there really anything they can give you to improve things Thanks Pete

go to your gp and get some anti depressants they do work but thats rich comming from me i need to go myself xx

Thank you, I will, if you will Pete x

You can ask your dr to refer you for cognitive behaviour Therapy, it does seem to help and also a course of anti depressants may help you, the CBT can help you to look at things in a different way,and some people find that talking to someone out of the family can help quite a lot, that way you can talk about things that really upset you. jaki xx

Ask for some vitb12 injections.

I ended up ctying my eyes out on the kitchen floor. Wife took me to the GP who very quickly prescribed anti-depressants. Three months later life looked much rosier. Although I have had another course since I spotted where things were heading and went for help. My GP is btilliant though - I would advbise getting help sooner rather than later.

Dear Anon, Re depression, this is an organic illness and nothing to be surprised about. Even a lottery winner with twins & a Shetland pony can get it. I really do recommend the anti-depressants Citalopram. Good luck! Rabbit Fan

Thanks everyone

…due to a lack of available rest at home, mainly because of a non volunteerily (is this the correct spelling?..) attention seeking daughter (bless her, sitting next to me at the moment and has just calmed down for the first time today…), I requested LDN because of the positive stories I had picked up on the web (although many of less positive messages too). This to feel less uptight. As the MS nurse was not prepared to prescribe LDN (as there was no medical proof), our home doctor prescribed me Citalopram instead and this seems to have calmed me down significantly according to my wife… Still, I have only used it for 4 weeks now so it is still early days.

will do pete i just need a push and that was it :smiley: