Felt o.k. on Sat and Sun - today horrendously depressed - took me all my time to get out of bed and it’s an effort not to crawl back under the covers!

Has happened in the past and I’m hopeful it will pass.

Would an anti depressant help - anyone in a similar position and what drug have they found to be of help?

Could it be a reacation to any medication you might be taking? It’s not uncommon to have low mood or depression with ms. It could be a result of some leisions or shrinkage in parts of the brain or just the fact of ms being a life changing condition. Last month I asked for help from my gp having been diagnosed 4 years ago. A tiny 10mg tablet daily has worked wonders. Ask for help if your mood doesn’t improve. Accept the help you can get.

hi poppy6488 . i’m missing my ms buddies . i’m 46 years of age and feeling so low . not married . live with my parents who i dont treat that good . i’m in my small room with a laptop to keep me company . i live in south wales . wannabe writer but dont seem to have the energy to write anything .

OP here - thanks - I’m not on any m.s. medication. Felt better than usual over the weekend and as so often happens periods of feeling better than usual followed by difficult patches.

Hello - firstly want to say that I admire your strength in admitting how you feel. It’s often the hardest step. This feeling will pass as you said, but its absolutely worth looking into to see what can help. I myself was prescribed sertraline as an anti depressant/anxiety - although at the time I didn’t think I needed anything at all. Luckily my lovely MS nurse picked up on the signs and I do feel much better for taking them. I still have down days of course. I’m fairly new to MS so still reeling a bit from the diagnosis, which came totally out of the blue with no prior concerns.

It’s a bloody horrible disease isn’t it - never knowing whether symptoms are MS, medication related or just life in general!

Best of luck with feeling better soon. Here if you want to send a message!

Amy x

felt totally rubbish today .

If you’re the original Anonymous, what steps have you taken to try and get help since you first posted?

hi . my anxiety has passed and i’m feeling a whole lot better than i was this morning .

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