I made u turn

Hi all.

After experiencing significant anxiety for a little while and seeing how much it impacts MS symptoms (and progression?) I spoke with GP who prescribed Citaprolam. I started it yesterday, however in hindsight I didn’t consider that decision carefully enough and after doing some reading (spurred on by feeling terrible for 2 days on Citaprolam) I can see it’s not a decision to take lightly. I have an MRI next week, and it’s likely that following that neuro will suggest change in MS meds.

So only 2 days in I’ve decided to stop the anxiety meds. Partly because of how bad I feel, and partly because two long term medication changes at the same time doesn’t sound sensible. So for now I’ll focus on the mindfulness and other self help to try and counter the anxiety. I might consider anti anxiety meds again in the future but doesn’t feel like right time just now

At least you tried! I’m not familiar with that drug, but there are others out there with few side effects and long-term dangers. Maybe when the time is right you’ll try another one.

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It’s horrible feeling rough when getting used to new anti-depressant medications, but they can take up to 4-6 weeks before reaching therapeutic effect.

I can understand why you wouldn’t want to go through 2 long term medication changes at the same time though as it’s difficult to know which medication is causing which problem.

Hi EastEndGirl. I don’t think I was prepared for just how rough I’d feel. I’m going to keep going with counselling and mindfulness, along with some self guided CBT and see how I get on.