Well, that's that then

Hi all. Had first appointment at ms clinic yesterday following diagnosis 2 months ago from general neurologist (RRMS). Saw consultant and ms nurse. Think I maybe thought diagnosis was wrong (it came out of the blue as what we now know to be previous relapses were misdiagnosed). But consultant said it was classic ms with many lesions visible on brain, cerebellum, cervical and thoracic spine, and recommended I start DMTs straight away. I was surprised to be told I would get rebif and not asked to choose - but pleasantly surprised as I’m glad the decision was taken out of my hands (I have enough trouble deciding what to have for tea!). MS nurse was lovely but very disorganised (I imagine she has a lot on her plate) and not very confident in answering my questions - she just read the relevant paragraphs out of the booklets! Was shown how to use rebismart (was quite comical as she spent ten minutes unsuccessfully trying to put the needle in before she realised that there was still one in there!) and she’ll put the order in so should get supplies in 4 - 6 weeks. So I’m just introducing myself really as there is now no doubt that I should be here and because I know that I will find a lot of support from you guys waves. Thanks for reading!

hi sunflower

welcome to our elite group (we dont let just anybody in)

you sound quite calm about your diagnosis (well done)

but if you’d had mystifying symptoms for a few years it was probably a relief.

i know my dx was a relief, i was starting to think it was all in my head.

i was dx in 2008 (the week before my 50th birthday) i’m on copaxone daily injections :frowning:

take care and let us know if you have any questions

carole x

Thanks Carole Yes I am calm - there’s no sense of relief as I never questioned previous explanations for symptoms (shingles but without a rash, muscle tension caused by stress, muscle spasms). I’m just a very pragmatic person. There is nothing I can do to change the diagnosis so I just need to get on with managing the effects. I must admit though that I do worry a bit about being maybe too pragmatic and whether it verges on avoidance/denial! Time will tell and I know I can turn to you guys if I do have a meltdown when the significance of all this hits me!

Hi I remember using the phrase “it’s no big deal” an awful lot in the first few days after diagnosis !! I, like you, was just relieved to have an explanation. Everyone around me freaked out more than me. Not saying I haven’t had “moments” since mind !! Catherine Xx

Ha me too Catherine. And don’t think I’ve said “it’ll be fine” as much in my life!