Citalopram - feeling rough

So my MS Nurse / Neuro recommended anti depressants for the lovely MS mood swings. A trip to the GP and I get Citalopram. I had a week on 10mg and upped them yesterday to 20mg. I’m 11 days in and hopefully by the end of the week things will level out but they are kicking my backside. I’ve had the sleep issues, thirst, dry mouth, lack of appetite but I don’t seem to have any energy or any interest in anything.

I work from home and can lose hours just messing about on the laptop instead of getting on with work.

The Aubagio arrived last Monday too but I’m holding off taking them until after the wedding. I feel bad enough on these so called happy pills. Anyone else get this?

Hi there Nelster

I’ve been on Ciprolex and then Citalopram for many years now. I’ve managed to stick with 20mg, it does take at least a month (in my experience) for them to kick in. I have never suffered with side effects. May I be so bold as to say that the lack of motivation and concentration is more likely to do with ms than Citalopram, perhaps I am wrong. I would be interest in other people’s experience.

I take lots of Amitriptyline, Gabapentin and Baclofen, so the dry mouth is expected.

I hope you feel better soon

Wendy x

YES! I have years and years of experience breaking in citalopram, I’ve been on and off them for 16 years. The trick is to titrate up slowly, maybe half the pills and take 15mg for a week? They can beat you about a bit, both emotionally and physically, I was a mess for weeks but my depression/anxiety was severe. You need to give them at least 6 weeks to do their thing. They do work, they just take time and you’ve got to give them a chance to level out the chemicals in your brain. Also, if I could have liquidised all my food during the break in period I would have, my appetite was shot! Great for the figure though :wink: . Take them at night so you sleep through the worst of the side effects then once you have been on them for a couple of months and are settled switch to taking them in the morning as a GP once told me they can cause insomnia. Hope you get over the worst soon, lisa x

I used to take Amitriptyline to help with twitches at night time but they knocked me about until about 12 the next day. I was in a high pressure job at the time and struggled to function so I ditched them.

I’m with you on the motivation and concentration side. I do think it’s the MS too.

Thanks Lisa

I was taking them just before bed but found they kept me awake. So I started taking them a couple of hours or so before and that seemed to work. And you’re right about them being good for the figure. I’m feeling slimmer already lol.

I’ve been on 20mg for a few years now, went to GP on Thursday and cancelled my prescription, I’m no longer taking any anti depressants as I think they leave you feeling worse


With all the drugs I’m taking, plus ms; I’m sure glad that I no longer drive a car.

‘Citalopram give-a-shit-itis’ is how a friend who reacted similarly to Citalopram described it to me. And it was a real problem, turning a diligent and hard-working person into someone who really couldn’t be bothered for a while. Not good for morale, income stream or harmonious working relationships. It passed in the end, but it was not easy for my friend to manage. You want to give these things a chance to settle down, but don’t soldier on for too long if the drug is causing you more trouble than it is solving. There are other anti ds that work well but without dulling and blunting life’s edges and making it hard to get on with stuff.

Good luck.



The citalopram did me a lot of good. It even helped my blurred vision. After a week I felt padded against the sharp edges of anxiety and irascibility.

Like the beast itself, it’s very personal.

Best wishes.


They help me make it through the winter

Nelster, one lil pill i find isnt enough, two lil pills and I’m bouncing off the walls. Mood swings kinda decreasing, but I do find myself welling up at shit I wouldn’t think twice about… Apparently it’s more noticeable when I’ve missed one… Take 1 1/2 in the morning. Still get distracted with shit thou

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Well I took my last one yesterday morning and after feeling rough all day I’ve ditched them, never to be seen again! We’ve got a wood burner in the lounge and that’s where they ended up.

I’ll mention Mirtazapine at next week’s review with the GP but if they don’t suit me it’s back to my way!

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I did find that Ciprelex was better but I have a feeling that it’s a lot more expensive.

I take all of my drugs first thing in the morning with a cuppa. I have been on citalopram for years and I love them If I miss them for any reason the dark thoughts come back. I use chewing gum for a dry mouth, I have a pack by the bed if I wake with a dry mouth I find gum better than water. Persevere with them because I always claim they are my best tablets


I did try alternating the times. Just before bed meant I couldn’t sleep. First thing in the morning made me good for nothing for about 5 hours and the same if I tried in the afternoon.

They’re gone now so I’ll see what the GP comes up with.

I did switch from cipralex to Prozac as I felt they made me bloated

Went back to GP yesterday and he was surprised by how rough the Citalopram had made me feel. I mentioned that this was a general consensus on here and that Mirtazapine seemed the way forward. He’s given me a prescription for them but hadn’t got the stock yesterday so I go back to get them later.

We’ll see how that goes

I think it is a really good idea to try something that works a different way. Fingers crossed that it does the trick for you.


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To be trite, if Plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.

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