Hello lovely people,

Does anyone have positive experience of antidepressants? Id be interested to know if anyone is on them and if so what? Also, how long can it be before they ‘kick in’? Unfortunately I live on my own (apart from cat!) which I don’t think helps … any thoughts?


Hi Debs

I have been on citlalopram for a little over a month now and really dont feel any different I still feel like crap every day some days are better than others as I guess most people on here will say the same.

I have been on antidepressants for different reasons in the past and cant remember what they were called but they made me feel worse and really sick.

I was on diazapam once and they made me feel quite dozy and constantly zoned out.but everbody reacts differen t I know my mum gets sick from whatever drug the doctor gives her

Hi I’m on Citalopram 20mg which is the max dose give it a chance to work can take 4-6 weeks but I wouldn’t be without them can’t see me ever coming off them but there ok for long term use or so my doctor says.

Good luck Sue x

I am using the redundant Prozac. It is fine with me. Some people I know use Zoloft.

Jon, ask your doctor about Rivotril. I take 1/4 of it every morning. It is not as strong as diazepam.

Hi Debs, I’m on Amitriptlyline for nerve pain… it’s an antidepressant that calms the nervous system down so is often used for MS pain… BUT it has added bonus in also acting as antidepressant.

I’ve found my mood has improved a lots since I’ve been on it and I’m only on 35 mg a day. Can go much higher if I want.

For me they kicked-in in a few days.

Important to remember that when it comes to depression we are dealing with a double whammy. We get depressed because life with MS is so bloody difficult… but also because the lesions in our brains actually muck about with our emotions. It sort of helps to remind yourself of that.

I also live on my own… well apart from my goldfish who aren’t easy to hug… … but I’ve lived alone for years and don’t think I could live with anyone again.

Hope you’re doing ok… and always remember you have a whole bunch of mates on here darlin’.

Pat x

Hi Debs

I am on Nortryptyline at night for nerve pain and also citalopram as an antidepressant. It took a few weeks to get used to the nortryptyline, it made me feel very tired, not at night but in the morning!! The citalopram I seemed to get used to straightaway. The tablets can affect people differently so it might be different for you. I did try amitryptyline first for the nerve pain but after 3 months it stopped working for me. I have also found I have put on nearly 2 stone since starting the tablets. Doctors say it is because I am not so active but I am not so sure about that.

Hope you get on alright with what ever you take. If you try one and you do not get on too well, ask to be put on another similar tablet. There are quite a few to try.

Take care