Does anyone take Mirtazapine plus another anti-depressant. I got moved onto Mirtazapine about 8 weeks as my other one stopped working. I am still feeling very on edge and it doesn’t take much to tip me. I get told that I need to try an find away of controlling this, but how do I do that. If you are taking Mirtazapine plus another anti depressant. What is the name of the other one that you are taking and is it helping?


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Hi Kel, sorry that you are feeling so on edge. From what I know it takes awhile for any anti-depressant to work, and as you may have been told anti-depressants are such an individual thing and what works for one may not work for another. When they say that you have to find a way of controlling how you feel, have they offered any advice on how to do this?

No advice given at all. The increase in Mirtazapine seems to be making me worse, so I am going to try and reduce them and phone Dr and get an appointment. I probably won’t get an appointment for a couple of weeks, but we shall see xx

Kel, I’m no expert but would you consider complimentary interventions such as talking therapy, counselling or Cognitive Behavioural therapy? Some of these services are self-referral and can be conducted over the phone. I appreciate they again are not for everyone.
I am fortunate I can ring my surgery on the day and quick enough get a face to face or telephone appointment. I hope you get some answers. Keep posting, we are good at listening if nothing else :blush:

I start CBT tomorrow after work and hoping to get some coping strategies. Thanks for replying xx

Hi @Kjack, you have been on my mind the last couple days. Just wanted to say that I was thinking about you on Monday. I hope you found your first CBT session useful, or at least a starting point. Just to add please don’t think I am prying, just checking in :blush:

Thank you and yes it was useful, but a long way to go.

Hope you are ok.