Mirtazapine for anxiety anyone?

Hi all,

I have recently posted abuot teh horrible anxiety I’ve been suffering, and yesterday I saw my GP about it. predictably I broke down in tears, so couldn;t make all the points I wanted to about the range of symptoms at the moment, but she certainly understood that the anxiety was the most concerning one and has prescribed Mirtazapine, one tablet at night to help ease this.

I’m open to trying it but struggling slightly with accepting that I need to take an antidepressant. I still feel that it is a physical symptom caused by my MS, but also wonder if it is a cause or a reaction to the dizziness and poor balance, or is it a reaction to noise and business (eg in town, as I mentioned in the ‘Noise’ thread)? though i feel it when Im at home too. Everything is interrelated… I suppose it can;t hurt to try the tablet to see if it helps, but I really wouldn’t want to be on it for any length of time.

Has anyone else taken it? I’d be interested to hear of people’s experiences with it.

Thanks all,

Gilly xxx

Hello! Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with anxiety. I have generalised anxiety disorder and am on medication to control it. I’m not sure if it MS related or not but either way my understanding is that whatever the cause medication will help. So don’t feel bad about having to take it. About the Mirtazapine. I was put on it after citalopram didn’t work for me. And what a relief it was. Citalopram made me sooooo anxious (one of its delightful side effects) but mirtazapine totally calmed me down and really did help. I slept like a log on it so be careful what time you take it in the evenings if you want to stay awake! The only thing to watch out for is that I found it made me hungry but if you can control that you will be fine. Good drug though, I had to come off it as it stopped working for me. I’m now on Escitalopram. Good luck with it and feel free to PM me if you want some more advice, Lisa x

I am on citalopram…10mg a day. I had anxiety and low moods largely due to my medication rebif but if I’m honest it was there in parts before medication. Have to say I like you felt ashamed at first about going on an anti depressant, however the difference it has made is unbelievable and I for one have no intentions of coming off it. It’s made such a difference to how u feel, how I am towards my husband and little boy and family life altogether. I was unhappy, feeling angry, bitter, unloved and having very irrational thoughts. That has all gone … Not saying I don’t get low or angry but no more than anyone else I expect now and 4year olds like to challenge you. My mum made a comment about it being addictive… My feeling is I don’t care, it makes me feel better and be a better person. I have friends who are on meds for depression and if they didn’t take it I know they would be a mess. My GP was supportive of me staying on it also ESP as it’s a low dose. Good luck xxx

Hi Gilly

I hope it eases for you soon ive been on Mert long term 45mg so high dose too max i think , ive found it to be great it was to treat PTSD and what comes with it the anxeit and depression its great to be honest and worth doing i think the only reason im long term is because of the PTSD , i use it alongside Diazepam ( which is also for my muscle spasms ) and a good therapist , ive just finished my therapy and to date im pretty confident tomorrow maybe a different day, my advice would be take it for today and worry about tomorrow when it comes and then when tomorrow comes you will strong enough to not use it and beat the anxeity before it starts, but i would say definately ask for someone to talk to alongside its use all the best


Hi all,
Thanks for the replies and PM’s, I’m coming roud to the idea of taking it, sitting here with my heart pounding because I’ve had to make a couple of official phone calls - very annoying and silly!

Hope you don’t mind me asking a quick question for those that have taken mirtazapine… I see on the patient info it says do not drink when you take it, because it can make you drowsy. Have you ever had a drink while on it? if so how was it? Does this mean drowsy at night after you take it, which wouldn’t be a problem, or drowsy the next day, which would? I don’t drink a huge amount but do find that a glass of wine in the evening relaxes me and calms my tremor and dizziness as well as the anxiety. Also I’m going on holiday soon and would like to be able to enjoy a drink while we’re away.

Many thanks,
G xxx

Hi I have been on Mirtazapine for a few years now, I take it as I get into bed along with all my other meds! I am sure if you take it at night time 1 or 2 drinks earlier one will be fine. I just fall over faster with the booze so really avoid it!!

It works for me so give it a chance and hope you find it helps xx Jules

Hi Gillyxxx,

Just wondered how you got on with Mirtazapine. My hubby got prescribed it yesterday, never taken anything before but worried about the 30mg dose, is this quite high?

Thank you!

I’m on Citalopram (20 Mg/Day) for depression. Depression is a common MS symptom. Not sure if it caused by the lesions or if it’s because of the diagnosis of the disease. It was there a little bit before I was diagnosed to be honest.

Hi Gilly

Sorry to hear you are feeling rough at the moment. I was prescribed Mirtazapine 5 years ago for the very same reason with the same symptoms as you describe. I was told by my consultant that anxiety/depression was a classic symptom of MS and I am please to report it helps. I am currently on 30mg after suffering a relapse in Dec when all my symptoms became worse I am happy to stay on this tablet as I do feel it helps. Stick with it as it can take a couple of months to feel the benefit.

Good luck


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Hi Sue,

thanks for your message, I actually posted originally back in July when I was in quite a bad way. I’m very happy to report that the Mirtazapine has helped enormously with the anxiety, and I feel myself again! I am now driving again and back at work, have to keep reminding myself not to overdo things! I’m considering coming off the Mirtazapine now as I feel quite well, but won’t rush it.

GLA123, sorry I missed your post, but hope your husband is doing OK and that the Mirtazapine has helped him as much as it helped me.

All the best everyone


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ive just read your post i took mitrazpine didnt agree with me in fact i find anti depressants a waste i found something that actually works its called the charles linden method since i started the program im less anxious i read an article in me magazine linda robson from birds of a feather used it for her son and it actually calms your subconsious down its changed my life check out the page charles emails me regulary to check my progresss its worth giving ago. regards kitten

I’ve been on Mirtazapine for 10 days now and I’m not having any issues with it. Initially I got put on Citalopram but they made me feel awful, like I was carrying a rucksack full of lead. I have a drink in the evening, mainly red wine, with no issues whatsoever.

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