Digital wanted!

We’re looking for people to take part in a diary study to help us develop our website.

We want to find out more about the day-to-day lives of people affected by MS (people with MS, carers, and professionals) and get a better insight into the people who use our website.

You will be asked to keep a diary for two weeks, sharing the information with our digital team; this would include thoughts and feelings as well as your day to day habits on and offline. It would require daily access to email/internet.

If you’re interested, please complete this form – we’ll be in touch soon.

Stewart (admin)

To find our more:

hiya stewart

i quite like this idea i think…cant see a form or do u mean just reply to this thread?


thanks jen

problem one identified-i only have sight in one eye! and 2-no use of capitals cos only one finger typing using non dominant hand…


maybe ‘this form’ could be in a different colour to highlight it?


ps if it is then my eye(s) cant recognise similar colours…needs to be a contrast please

Sorry the link wasn’t clearer- I’ve put it in again at the end.

Stewart (admin)

thanks stewart-i am sorry that my brain isnt clearer

I have added my name and email, hope I can be of some help!

I’ve added my name and hope to be of help. I now use this forum more than my local MSS branch for networking with other MSers.


Thank you to everyone who contacted us about participating in the digital team’s diary study.

We now everyone we need for this, but if you are interested in being involved in future user experience studies coming up this year, please fill in this form

In case you missed that- here’s the full link:

Stewart (admin)