Have your say in the Carers Week survey!

From the Campaigns Team:

The MS Society will be supporting Carers Week again this year, and we need your help!

Carers Week 2012 will monitor the impact cuts have had on the health of those who provide unpaid care in the UK, and call on the Government to better support carers of people with MS. We know, because many of you have already told us, how much tougher you’re finding it to carry out your caring role.

Have your say. Please tell us what it’s really like by taking just 10 minutes to complete the survey now.

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Greg [admin]


Havent got owt to say re Carers week-replying will bump this back up tho!

By the way-do u know its chip week now?

Ellie x

I can see this is an old post , but posting April 2018 and I think we are ignored by the government whilst saving money for the NHS lots of money ! It’s not the money it’s the need for some help so we can carry on caring which is what most of us want to do… surely it benefits both carers and the NHS if we can get support to do this. Carers in meltdown no help to anyone!!