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Hi all, I`ve always felt this forum to be underused, mainly because all you wonderful carers are probably too knackered to bother posting. But just now, a few carers are adding their questions to old threads.

Please try to start your own, as they will get more up to date replies.

I think you are doing the most wonderful, but not always recognised for what you do, job!

My hubby was my sole carer for 11 years, despite having painful rheumatoid arthritis.

But we`ve had carers coming in for over 6 years now.

I feel it can be quite damaging for spouses to become sole carers.

Direct Payments pay for my carers and I am so grateful.

If anyone would like to ask me more about it, I`d be only too willing to try to help.

You can do this here or by private messaging me. I dont mind either way.


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Hi Polls, I think it would be a great idea if you would tell us about Direct Payments. I know anyone can look it up on Google, but to read about from your own personal experience would be interesting. I’d read it. Regards, Anthony. - PS I didn’t type this in one block.

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Ok, seeing as you’ve asked, I will put a DP thread on here and EL boards.

I don’t want to bore anyone!


I have been looking at this site for a few months and this section does seem under used. I look at it hoping to read similar stories to my wife’s and mine that i can relate to and pick up some advice/hints,what we might face in future etc but without actually posting myself,so i am part of the problem!

My wife has recently been diagnosed with MS and is not comfortable talking to anyone other than a very few people who we know very well about it(and even then playing it down), so for me i am conscious that i probably shouldn’t really be discussing her too much on a forum! At the moment i am not really needing to be a carer for her,just doing a lot more housework than i used too and offering moral support as best as i can.

I can imagine people who are properly acting as carers may also be reluctant to post looking for support for fear of the care receiver reading it,recognising any description given and seeing it as resentment?!

You’ve obviously picked up my virtual lurg AD, pity about the ditties, I don’t need to type in block anymore, just my luck, bum.

Hi, yeh, this board never gets as many posts as the others.

I look at it most days and feel a bit sad, that maybe the reason carers dont post often, is cos they`re just too cream crackered and use them spare time, if they have any, to re-charge their batteries.

I would be lost with out my carers, especially my hubby of 45 years!