Hi, just thinking this board has gone a tad quiet.

So, how are all you lovely carers?

My hubby has been my full time carer for 13 years, so I know how hard pressed you all are.

Us carees really appreciate all you do for us and how you have to put your needs on hold sometimes.

Trying to get my man to ask for a carer`s assessment, but he wont.

I read here a while ago, that carer`s assessments dont bring about much help. Is that still the case, do you know?

luv Pollxx

Hello pollxx this carer is not doing so well hersellf its all gon t*ts up in our house.Ive developed lung problems since when into hospital in ambulance mid august and again end august 2 months of high protein levels in blood and alot of lung pain muscle pains ,palpertations ,and shoulder pain ,pins needles in arms, tierdness and general feeling of being ill,SOOOOOOOOOOOO FED UP hubby not doing to well either got worse going for 3 different mri scans mid november he is worried.This year has been a really terrible year roll on 2014 lol xx julie