hello carers/friends

Hallo. It`s gone a bit quiet here.

How`s everyone doing?

luv Pollx

Alright cockle, how are you?

This board doesn’t seem to get as many visitors as the others but, it breaks my heart reading some of the posts, it’s always the first forum I come to, because I understand the carer part and now the ms “thing” well to a degree anyway.

Jo xxx

Lovely to hear from you hun.

I`m doing okay. My spc has settled down a treat now…couldnt think of going back to how I was. Recommend it but know it isnt for everyone.

Planning a new wet room…exciting, but costly…cant wait for council to do it in maybe a year or so!

Remind me Jo, are you a carer, or do you have MS?

luv Pollx