let`s hear it for the carers!

Morning everyone!

I just want to re-iterate something I have said before....but I feel it needs airing again.

Covid or no covid I rely on my carers to get me through everyday life.

My hubby is my primary carer. I need help with getting up in a morning, going to bed in the early evening, toileting, showering, dressing, need my meals cooked for me and need someone to take me out.

I could do none of these things without my precious carers.

Besides my hubby (of 49 years!),, I have a lady who comes in to do 10 calls a week, plus a sleepover. I also have a new agency, which is super, who do weekends and 1 sleepover a week.

You carers are the backbone of this country and without you we would sink.

Thankyou thankkyou thankyou.

much love Boudica xxx

I’m not to that point yet, but I should thank my family for the help they’ve given me over the years. When the daughter was at home, she saw me through several relapses and had to feed me through a straw at one point. The boy spent last winter running errands for me and driving me everywhere I needed to go. Mum’s done a lot more driving than she likes, just to get me out of the house every now and then. Daughter’s roommate drove me into the city for medical tests. I’d be lost without them.

Hi Norasmom, its good to know you have such a caring family.

Take care, love Boudsxx

Hi bouds, So I don’t need anyone to come and take care of me, my hubby of 41yrs is my carer and what an amazing job he does, not only helping me with so many things, but taking care of everything in the home, without him I’d be lost and I do wan to mention that I think its a bloody disgrace that when he gets to state pension age his allowance will stop…why he’ll still have to look after me and could be doing more by then.

Jean x

Hi Jean, thanks for joining this thread.

Carers, especially unpaid ones like your`s and my hubby, sure are worth much more than they are recognised by the government.

This board is often so quiet…everyone`s busy or knackered!


I’m an unpaid carer for my 64 year old husband. As well as still working pretty much full time. As I need an income. I frequently feel exhausted, overwhelmed with responsibility, un appreciated and generally treated like a house keeper/live in carer. I feel trapped by my situation. To be honest my husband has no empathy and shows no gratitude for anything I do, which is pretty much everything. He refuses to agree to any support, is difficult and often cruel. He has memory problems, depression and other mental health issues. Life is seriously miserable for both of us. I don’t understand how what was a loving relationship has turned so sour since he was diagnosed and was retired on 75%salary that many ppl would give their eye teeth to get.

Hi busy, oh love, I am so sorry you find yourself in this sad situation.

Without you, our OH would be totally lost.

I hope that deep down he does appreciate you. He probably is too proud to accept his lot.

Bless you chick.


Pretty awful weekend again. The weekends are definitely worse for my husband mental health. It’s like he needs the structure of me working to be,able to behave. I look fwd as most busy ppl do, to relaxing at the weekend but he is obsessed with doing jobs, that are not either urgent or necessary this weekend it was a new door handle on his bathroom door. (He no longer uses the ensuite, uses the main family bathroom). Spent all weekend banging and the painting and then used a v smelly filler to fill the latch hole, stincking out the entire house. 7pm I’ve said stop he needs to relax and more importantly I do before the approaching Monday morning. He will still be in bed at 11am as worn out Sat’s he feels unwell but won’t connect his obsessive behaviour over the weekend to anything! It’s just infuriating. Anyone else have thus type of shut to deal with? Is it MS, Personality disorder or dementia? He’s 64, has always been driven to the point of exhaustion…Driveline me insane.

Hi again…maybe your hubby is doing all these jobs, thinking maybe he wont be able to do them for long.

My hubby is a typical old fashioned man…the provider, the protector, the strong one.

I often feel it seems worse when a wife has to care for a hubby. But I do feel for you.